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What´s in it for you?

Save time while getting the word out about your company. Instead of pouring precious time and resources into a select number of 1-1 meetings, our platform lets you upload information about your business model, commonly asked questions, and your latest news.

Not only will you maximize the number of investors you can reach, but you’ll also find that the in-person conferences you do have will be more productive for everyone involved. Why? The basics have already been covered.

Bond With Investors

Investors can ask you questions and contact you directly through our platform. You can even ask for feedback through a poll.

On Demand

It’s the 21st Century — investors want to access information whenever and wherever. Instead of fighting these changes, embrace the “new way” using seat11a. Watch an elevator pitch video while commuting on a train or being at the gym - very convenient.

„Virtual Booth“

Address investors directly through our virtual booth, which lets you share the resources and information you missed out in your main video. Leave no stone unturned.

Investors Access

Why limit yourself to the usual suspects? Our platform makes you accessible to a broad range of institutional and experienced individual investors.

Investor Intelligence

Receive detailed analytics about how investors are engaging with your information, including trends in their sentiments.

Meet Investors Demand

Give investors what they want by letting them kiss goodbye to lengthy company reports. Instead, offer them short update videos about product innovations and other unique content that would usually be limited to private presentations.

Avoid Travel Restrictions

Fed up with delays, cancellations, and wasted time? Increase your efficiency while helping the environment, cutting your costs, and saving your travel time by addressing your investors virtually.

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