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AS Tallink Grupp Company Presentation 2022 | Sailing Strong in the Northern Baltic Sea Region with IR




In this compelling company presentation, Joonas Joost, the Head of Investor Relations at AS Tallink Grupp, unravels the rich tapestry of the company’s journey and its strategic growth plans for the future. As a prominent European ferry operator, AS Tallink Grupp showcases its strengths and key differentiators in the highly competitive maritime industry.

Opening with a comprehensive company overview, Joonas brings forth AS Tallink Grupp’s well-established brand image and legacy. The video elaborates on the company’s broad route network, demonstrating its coverage and penetration in the Northern Baltic Sea region. The company’s impressive market share and robust barriers reflect its formidable position and competitive edge in the ferry market.

Digging into the unique business model of AS Tallink Grupp, Joonas illustrates how the company has managed to stay ahead of the curve by continuously innovating and offering excellent customer service. The video also showcases the company’s position in the global ferry market, underlining its influence and significant contributions to shaping industry trends.

Launching the new LNG shuttle ferry marks a significant milestone for AS Tallink Grupp, underscoring its commitment to sustainable and environment-friendly operations. The financial details segment presents a transparent view of the company’s financial health and stability. It’s a testament to the company’s operational efficiency and fiscal discipline, making it an attractive proposition for investors.Ling

The presentation highlights the discussion about the company’s strong shareholder structure. The diversity and strength of its shareholder’s offer added stability and credibility to the company, promising sustained growth and dividends.

The presentation concludes with an optimistic outlook, where Joonas shares future projections and strategic plans. This section gives investors a sense of the direction in which the company is headed, offering assurance of the company’s growth potential.

This comprehensive presentation by AS Tallink Grupp is a must-watch for investors and stakeholders looking to understand the company’s operations, financials, and future strategies. It’s an exemplary case of a business that sails strong, adapting to market changes while remaining committed to its core values and objectives.


  • Introduction
  • Company Overview
  • Strategic Plan
  • Routes, Market Share and Market Barriers
  • Business Model
  • Position in Global Ferry Market
  • Financial Details
  • New LNG Shuttle Ferry
  • Shareholder Structure
  • Outlook
  • Contact



Joonas Joost
Head of Investor Relations | AS Tallink Grupp



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