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AS Tallink Grupp Elevator Pitch | The Northern Baltic Sea’s Leading Ferry Operator with IR


AS Tallink Grupp Elevator Pitch: Key Takeaways


Join Joonas Joost, Head of Investor Relations at AS Tallink Grupp, in this detailed video presentation where he unveils the crucial elements of the company’s successful operations in the Northern Baltic Sea region. AS Tallink Grupp, listed on the Tallinn Stock Exchange, is a leading European ferry operator, proudly managing a diverse fleet of 15 vessels and operating under the distinguished dual brands of “Tallink” and “Silja Line”.


Company Overview

In this section, Joonas outlines the extensive operational presence of AS Tallink Grupp, detailing its seven pivotal routes that seamlessly connect Estonia, Finland, Sweden, and Latvia, reinforcing the company’s stature as the paramount ferry operator in the region.


Business Model

Joonas takes a deep dive into the diversity of the company’s fleet in the “Business Model” chapter, showcasing various vessel types. From luxury cruise ferries tailored for the tourism sector to ro-ro cargo vessels designed for commercial usage, this diversity capacitates AS Tallink Grupp to adeptly adapt to fluctuating market demands, ensuring premium services for all customer types.


Financial Details

In the “Financial Details” segment, Joost unfolds an overview of the company’s solid financial performance, which mirrors its robust business model and strategic positioning in the ferry operating industry.



Concluding with the “Outlook” chapter, Joonas provides a forward-looking statement regarding the company’s anticipated growth trajectory, underlining its devotion to continuous improvement, sustainable growth, and retaining its leadership in the industry.

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  • Company Overview
  • Business Model
  • Financial Details
  • Outlook
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Joonas Joost
Head of Investor Relations | AS Tallink Grupp


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