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BRAIN Biotech AG Elevator Pitch 2023 | Sustainable Innovation for the Biological Age with CFO


BRAIN Biotech AG Elevator Pitch: Key Takeaways

Introduction to BRAIN Biotech AG

Michael Schneiders, the CFO of BRAIN Biotech AG, invites us to understand the fascinating world of biotechnology and its undeniable investment prospects. BRAIN Biotech AG, a prime standard listed company on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since 2016, is a forward-thinking German firm that blends economic prosperity with sustainability.


Company Overview and Achievements

The company’s holistic approach to solving industrial issues has allowed it to build an impressive record: over 535 B2B products launched successfully, more than 150 industrial partnerships, 303 employees, and 50 million in revenue. Furthermore, they leverage 30 years of biotech experience, which gives them an edge in the industry.


Global Impact and Focus Areas

Food Security and Nutrition

BRAIN Biotech is making a global impact by focusing on areas of immense importance to our future, such as food security and improved nutrition. Natural preservatives and plant-based proteins aim to revolutionise our eating habits while considering the planet’s well-being. They’re also taking significant strides in enhancing health and well-being, such as developing natural treatment options, aiding in salt reduction, active pharma ingredient development, and innovative wound care treatments.


Environmental and Industrial Solutions

The company is actively working to minimise the effects of pollutant conduction processes by promoting solutions for urban mining and battery recycling. It also utilises food waste streams to create new, valuable products. Additionally, BRAIN Biotech is championing the cause of sustainable industrialisation, using CO2 as a feedstock, adopting enzymatic synthesis, and investing in biolubricants.


Technological Expertise in Gene and Genome Editing

At the core of BRAIN Biotech’s operations lies its expertise in gene editing and genome editing. This innovative platform technology enables the company to undertake numerous sustainability projects while being fast, precise, and applicable in diverse fields like oncology.


Addressing Global Nutrition Needs

In nutrition, the company recognises the need for a shift in food production processes to cater to the growing global population, projected to reach 9.8 billion by 2050. Considering the environmental and ethical implications of current food production methods, BRAIN Biotech is pioneering precision fermentation, enzymatic processes, and the utilisation of microorganisms to produce nutritionally rich and sustainable food sources. This, they believe, is the future of food production.


Business Targets and Future Prospects

The company’s ambitious mid-term business targets showcase its confidence in its mission and capabilities. They aim to double their revenue from 50 million to 100 million in the next four to six years, with a group EBITDA margin target of around 15%. Moreover, they intend to increase the proportion of new product sales to 30%.


Investment Opportunities in BRAIN Biotech AG

Investing in BRAIN Biotech AG promises a plethora of benefits. Investors will have the chance to participate in the biological age, contribute to sustainable industrial production, and benefit from a portfolio of enabling technologies. The company’s growth is driven by megatrends in nutrition, health, and the environment, offering a clear path to profitability. As aptly put by Walter Isaacson, a TIME magazine editor, “molecules are becoming the new microchip”, and BRAIN Biotech endorses this proposition, giving investors a golden opportunity to be part of this exciting journey.

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Michael Schneiders
CFO | BRAIN Biotech AG


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