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BRAIN Biotech AG Financial Results H1 2023 / 24 | Robust Results and Strategic Outlook


BRAIN Biotech AG H1 2023/24: Key Takeaways

In-depth Analysis of BRAIN Biotech AG’s Financial Performance and Strategic Advancements

In this detailed video presentation, Michael Schneiders, CFO of BRAIN Biotech AG, offers an in-depth analysis of the company’s financial performance and strategic advancements for the first half of the 2023/2024 fiscal year. Schneiders opens by highlighting a significant strategic advancement: a €1.5 million payment received for the successful progress in the development of deucrictibant (formerly PHA121), an active pharmaceutical ingredient. This milestone not only strengthens BRAIN Biotech’s financial position but also sets a promising trajectory for the company’s future, nearly doubling their cash reserves to €10.2 million as of March 31, 2024, from €5.4 million in September 2023.

Financial Specifics and Performance

Schneiders delves into the financial specifics, reporting stable revenues of €27.2 million, consistent with the previous year’s figures. Despite a 2.6% decline in total operating performance, mainly due to changes in inventory and reduced other income, the company saw an improvement in adjusted EBITDA, narrowing the loss from -€0.9 million to -€0.5 million. This positive trend underscores BRAIN Biotech’s resilient financial management amidst challenging conditions. The decline in total operating performance was primarily due to [specific reasons], which the company has taken measures to address.

Segment Performance

BioProducts Segment

Focusing on segment performance, Schneiders highlights the BioProducts segment, which experienced a notable Q2 revenue increase to €10.5 million from €9.3 million in Q1. This growth, coupled with a reduction in material costs from €11.5 million to €10.2 million, signifies enhanced operational efficiency. Although the segment’s half-year revenues decreased by 5.0% to €19.8 million compared to the previous year, the CFO expresses a strong sense of optimism about its continued upward trajectory in the latter half of the fiscal year, instilling a hopeful outlook about the company’s performance.

BioScience Segment

In the BioScience segment, revenues slightly dipped to €5.8 million, a 5.3% decrease from the previous year’s €6.1 million. However, effective project management and stringent cost controls maintained the segment’s adjusted EBITDA at zero, demonstrating robust financial stewardship despite revenue challenges. The revenue decrease in the BioScience segment was primarily due to [specific reasons], which the company is actively working to mitigate.

BioIncubator Segment

The BioIncubator segment stands out with substantial growth, where revenues surged from €0.2 million to €1.6 million. This growth was fueled by significant milestones in genome editing projects under the Akribion Genomics brand, as well as [other specific factors]. The segment’s adjusted EBITDA improved markedly from—€1.5 million to€0.5 million, reflecting successful strategic investments and value creation from innovative R&D initiatives. The BioIncubator segment’s growth is a testament to its commitment to innovation and ability to capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Future Projections and Strategic Resilience

Schneiders reaffirms BRAIN Biotech’s unwavering commitment to achieving its fiscal year-end targets, projecting revenues between €58 million and €62 million and an adjusted EBITDA expected to rise in tandem with revenue growth. He concludes by reiterating confidence in the second half of the year, driven by anticipated acceleration in the BioProducts segment and continued advancements in the BioIncubator projects. Schneiders’ presentation underscores BRAIN Biotech’s strategic resilience and its steadfast commitment to sustainable growth and value creation for stakeholders, providing a sense of reassurance about the company’s long-term prospects.


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Michael Schneiders
CFO | BRAIN Biotech AG​



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