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DEUTZ AG Financial Results Q1 2023 | Business Growth & Strategic Alliances with IR


DEUTZ AG Q1 2023: Key Takeaways

Impressive Q1 2023 Financial Results by DEUTZ AG

Join Christian Ludwig, Investor Relations at DEUTZ AG, as he presents an in-depth look at the company’s impressive financial results for the first quarter of 2023 in this detailed presentation.
This video shares key operational and strategic developments, highlights strategic progress in their classic, green, and service sectors, and unveils a significant alliance with Daimler Truck.


Highlight: Significant Growth Trends and Financial Uplift

Uncover the successful growth trends as DEUTZ AG reports a 10.6% increase in unit sales, leading to a 15.5% rise in revenues to €517.2 million.
The adjusted EBIT margin increased by 3.5% to 6.2%, significantly improving profitability. Christian Ludwig also provides a detailed look into the revenue specifics, cash flow, net financial position, and full-year guidance for 2023.


DEUTZ’s Optimistic Outlook and ‘Dual+’ Strategy

Christian reveals DEUTZ’s optimistic outlook towards achieving the upper end of the full-year 2023 guidance ranges due to the successful start of the year.
In addition, learn about their ‘Dual+’ strategy, combining a profitable core business with expanding their global service business for a green transformation.


Expansion Strategy and Global Service Business

Could you get an insight into DEUTZ’s expansion strategy, like the launch of its ninth service centre in Howell, Michigan?


Detailed Exploration into Partnership with Daimler Truck

The presentation also dives into DEUTZ’s partnership with Daimler Truck, one of the company’s largest shareholders.
In summary, DEUTZ AG demonstrates a promising Q1 2023 financial performance, driven by its strategic initiatives, profitable core business, and global service business expansion.

  • Key operational and strategic developments
  • Strategy progress report: Classic
  • DEUTZ enters into alliance with Daimler Truck
  • Strategy progress report: Green
  • Strategy progress report: Service
  • Results for Q1 2023
  • Revenue for Q1 2023 in detail
  • Strong improvement in profitability
  • Cash flow and net financial position
  • Full-year guidance for 2023 refined
  • Medium-term targets based on the Dual+ strategy
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Christian Ludwig
Head of Investor Relations | DEUTZ AG


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