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EDAG Engineering Group AG ESG 2022 | Embracing Sustainability with IR



Welcome to an engaging and informative presentation featuring Sebastian Lehmann, IR of EDAG Engineering AG. In this video, Sebastian will share valuable insights on various important ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) topics.

By the end of this video, you will have a deeper understanding of sustainability reporting, social and environmental issues, the EU Taxonomy, Edag’s Sustainability Approach, and the ESG Rating.

Sebastian will begin by discussing where to find the Sustainability Report, followed by an in-depth look at Social and Environmental topics. He will then delve into the EU Taxonomy and Edag’s Sustainability Approach before concluding with a discussion on the ESG Rating.

Get ready to be informed and inspired as Sebastian Lehmann shares his wealth of knowledge on important ESG topics.

Company Profile

The EDAG Group is the world’s largest independent engineering service provider to the global mobility industry. We regard mobility as a fully integrated ecosystem, and offer our customers technological solutions for more sustainable, emission-free and intelligently networked mobility. 

With a global network of some 60 branches, EDAG provides engineering services in the Vehicle Engineering, Electrics/Electronics and Production Solutions segments.


With our interdisciplinary expertise in the fields of software and digitalization, we possess the key skills to help actively shape the dynamic transformation process the mobility industry is currently undergoing. Digital features, autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, alternative powertrains, new mobility concepts and the vision of a networked smart city have become an integral part of our portfolio. 


Embedded in EDAG’s own 360° degree approach to the development of complete vehicles and production facilities, we are a competent partner for sustainable mobility projects. It is in the DNA of the company to actively shape the future of mobility and transfer new technologies and concepts into series production. Today, EDAG is one of the TOP 20 IT service providers in the German mobility sector.


Our customers include leading international OEMs, tier 1 suppliers and startup companies from the automotive and non-automotive industries, all of whom we serve globally with our workforce of approximately 8,000 experts in 360-degree engineering.


In 2021, the company generated sales of € 688 million. On December 31, 2021, EDAG employed a global workforce of 7,880 (including apprentices).


For more information, visit: www.edag.com

EDAG Engineering Group AG

Schlossgasse 2, 9320 Arbon, Switzerland

phone CH +41 71 544 33 – 11
phone GER +49 611 7375 – 168


  • Sustainability Report: Where to find
  • Topic: Social
  • Topic: Environmental
  • EU-Taxonomy
  • Edag Sustainability Approach
  • ESG Rating



Sebastian Lehmann
Head IR | EDAG Engineering Group AG



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