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ElringKlinger AG Elevator Pitch 2022 | Revolutionizing the Automotive Industry with IR



Prepare for an impressive elevator pitch by Dr. Jens Winter, the Head of Investor Relations at ElringKlinger AG. In this brief yet informative presentation, Jens explains the megatrends driving transformation and innovation in the automotive industry. He highlights how ElringKlinger AG’s group strategy is well-positioned to take advantage of these trends by emphasizing its broad product portfolio enabling green mobility and completing a global efficiency program.


Jens discusses how ElringKlinger AG’s focus on transformation and innovation helps them stay ahead in the competitive automotive industry by driving content per car. This approach has successfully enabled them to provide their customers with the products and services they need to thrive in a rapidly changing market.


If you want to learn more about ElringKlinger AG and its impressive product portfolio, this elevator pitch is a must-watch. Dr. Jens Winter offers a concise yet comprehensive overview of the company’s strategy and vision, making it an excellent resource for anyone interested in investing in the automotive industry. 

Company Profile

As an automotive supplier, ElringKlinger has become a trusted partner to its customers – with a firm commitment to shaping the future of mobility. Whether optimized combustion engines, high-performance hybrids, or environmentally-friendly battery and fuel cell technology, ElringKlinger provides innovative solutions for all types of drive system. 


ElringKlinger’s lightweighting concepts help to reduce the overall weight of vehicles. As a result, vehicles powered by combustion engines consume less fuel and emit less CO2, while those equipped with alternative propulsion systems benefit from an extended range. In response to increasingly complex combustion engine technology, the Group also continues to refine and evolve its offering within the area of seals and gaskets in order to meet the highest possible standards. 


This is complemented by solutions centered around thermal and acoustic shielding technology. Additionally, the Group’s portfolio includes products made of the high-performance plastic PTFE, which is also marketed to industries beyond the automotive sector. 


These efforts are supported by a dedicated workforce of around 9,500 people at 45 ElringKlinger Group locations around the globe.


ElringKlinger AG

Max-Eyth-Straße 2

72581 Dettingen/Erms, Germany

phone +49 7123 724 – 88335


  • In a Nutshell
  • Megatrends Trigger Transformation
  • Group Strategy: Product Portfolio
  • Transformation and Innovation Driving Content Per Car
  • Broad Product Portfolio Enabling Green Mobility
  • Global Efficiency Program Successfully Completed
  • Summary



Dr. Jens Winter
Vice President Strategic Communications | ElringKlinger AG



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