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Encavis AG ESG | Unlocking the Power of Sustainability with CFO


Encavis AG ESG: Key Takeaways

Introduction to Encavis AG’s Sustainable Business Practices

Join Encavis AG’s CFO, Dr. Christoph Husmann, in this insightful ESG presentation as he outlines the company’s unwavering commitment to sustainable business practices and clean energy production.


Key Takeaways from the Presentation

This segment reveals insights into Encavis AG’s values, corporate culture, and rigorous focus on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Dr Christoph emphasises the company’s 12 SDGs and delves into four pivotal sustainability topics, demonstrating its strategy to mitigate risks while ensuring the economic viability of renewables.


Engagement in Community Development

Empowering Communities through the Kudziwa Center

Explore Encavis AG’s pivotal role in community development. The Kudziwa Center for Knowledge in Malawi acts as a beacon, providing education and training to local communities, empowering them to gain autonomy over energy production and utilisation.


Biodiversity and Environmental Stewardship

Encavis AG’s Biodiversity Strategy and Achievements

Dr Christoph highlights Encavis AG’s biodiversity strategy, accentuating its dedicated efforts to shield and conserve the natural environment. He expresses the company’s pride in being awarded the Seal of Excellence in Sustainability, a testament to its allegiance to environmental stewardship and sustainable business practices.


Conclusion and Future Aspirations

Seize this opportunity to learn more about Encavis AG’s robust, sustainable business practices and unwavering dedication to forging the future of clean, safe, and economically viable energy production. Ensure you do not miss out on this enlightening presentation, rich with information vital for understanding the trajectory of sustainable practices in the energy sector.


  • Introduction
  • Values and Corporate Culture
  • The 12 SDGs
  • The 4 Key  Sustainability Topics
  • Kudziwa Center for Knowledge (Malawi)
  • The Biodiversity Strategy
  • Seal of Excellence in Sustainability

Dr. Christoph Husmann
CFO | Encavis AG

Joerg Peters
Head of Investor Relations | Encavis AG


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