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Hypoport SE Deep Dive 2023 | Hidden Opportunities in the German Mortgage Market with CEO



Ronald Slabke, CEO of Hypoport, delivers an engaging deep-dive video presentation on the German mortgage market. He discusses the market’s growth since 2011 and the shift in risk profiles due to cautious banks and regulators. Ronald highlights the challenges facing the purchase, new construction, refinancing, and modernization sectors. However, he also notes the positive trends in the market, including stabilizing prices and a potential double-digit salary increase.


Ronald provides valuable insights into the German real estate market, including its division into unoccupied houses, apartments, and single-family houses, and that less than half of German households own their homes. He sees the potential for Hypoport to significantly impact the homeownership and underlying mortgage markets for private households.


In addition, Ronald discusses the role of technology in the mortgage market and how it has transformed the industry. He also touches on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the German real estate market, including the potential for an increase in demand for properties in suburban and rural areas.


Overall, Ronald’s presentation is comprehensive, informative, and engaging. His expertise and insights make him a credible and trustworthy source of information. His positive outlook on the market provides hope for those seeking to invest in German real estate.

Company Profile

Hypoport SE is headquartered in Lübeck (Germany) and is the parent company of the Hypoport Group.

The Group is a network of technology companies for the credit, real-estate and insurance industries with a workforce of more than 2,000 employees.

It is grouped into four segments: Credit Platform, Private Clients, Real Estate Platform and Insurance Platform.


The Credit Platform segment operates Europace which is an online B2B financial marketplace and the largest German platform offering mortgages, building finance products and personal loans. A fully integrated system links approx. 800 partners – banks, insurers and financial product distributors. Several thousand loan brokerage advisors execute more than 35,000 transactions per month on Europace, generating a volume of nearly €8 billion. Besides Europace, the FINMAS and GENOPACE sub-marketplaces and the B2B distribution companies Qualitypool and Starpool support the growth of the credit platform. REM CAPITAL AG provides specialist advice on the arrangement of complex public-sector development loans for companies and financing for SMEs in Germany. At fundingport GmbH a corporate finance marketplace is being established.


The Private Clients segment, made up of the web-based, non-captive financial product distributor Dr. Klein Privatkunden and the consumer comparison portal Vergleich.de, brings together all business models aimed at directly advising consumers on mortgages, insurance or pension products.


All property-related activities of the Hypoport Group, with the exception of loan brokerage for private clients, are grouped together in the Real Estate Platform segment with the aim of digitalising the sale, valuation, financing and management of properties and, in the long term, creating a digital platform for housing.


There are three business units in the Insurance Platform segment: private insurance (SMART INSUR), industrial insurance and occupational pension provision (ePension). The insurance business of the B2B distributor Qualitypool is also assigned to this segment.


The shares of Hypoport SE are listed in the Prime Standard segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Deutsche Börse) and have been included in the SDAX or MDAX since 2015.

Hypoport SE 

Heidestrasse 8, 10557, Berlin

phone +49 30 420 86 – 1942


  • A network of technology companies
  • Low owner-occupiers’ ratio in Germany
  • Lending volume boosted by EU integration
  • 06:12 Sharp decline in volume due to multiple factors
  • New construction slumps particularly sharply
  • Trigger events cause Germans to turn to financing
  • Outperformance – then, now and in future
  • Market holds huge opportunities for growth
  • Scarce supply due to low sales volumes and limited new building
  • A long-term growth market
  • Outperforming the market for more than a decade



Ronald Slabke
CEO | Hypoport SE

Jan H. Pahl
Investor Relations Manager | Hypoport SE



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