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Hypoport SE Financial Results FY 2022 | Insights on Mortgage Finance and Future Plans with CEO


Hypoport SE FY 2022: Key Takeaways

Overview of Hypoport’s FY2022 Financial Results

Join us for an enlightening session where Hypoport’s CEO, Ronald Slabke, unveils the FY2022 results on the seat11a platform. Ronald will share valuable insights into the company’s financial performance, covering a spectrum of topics that provide a comprehensive view of Hypoport’s standing and strategies.


Highlighting Key Performance Indicators and Activities

Dive into a thorough analysis of key performance indicators, long-term revenue and EBITDA changes, as well as pivotal activities from the last six months. Understand the critical metrics and strategic moves that have shaped Hypoport’s path.


Revenue by Segment and Private Mortgage Finance Volume

Explore detailed breakdowns of revenue by segment and get an inside look at Germany’s private mortgage finance volume. Learn how different sectors and segments have contributed to the year’s financial results.


Market Share by Distribution Channel

Gain insights into Hypoport’s market share by various distribution channels. Discover the channels that significantly impacted Hypoport’s market penetration and overall financial performance during FY2022.


Addressing the Challenges and Successes in a Turbulent 2022

Despite facing numerous challenges in a turbulent 2022, discover how Hypoport successfully navigated through, achieving a consolidated revenue increase of 2% to €455 million.


Deep Dive into EBIT’s 48% Decline to €25 Million

Explore the market-driven fall in EBIT, which witnessed a significant reduction of 48% to €25 million. Ronald will delve into the factors behind this reduction and its implications for Hypoport.


Ronald’s Take on Hypoport’s Future and Forecasts

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to gain first-hand insights from Ronald as he discusses the possible future trajectory of mortgage finance and shares his forecasts for the coming year. Understand the expectations and strategic considerations that will shape Hypoport’s future initiatives and plans.


Insights into Future Plans and Strategic Moves

Listen to Ronald’s perspective on what the FY2022 results mean for the company and get a glimpse into the strategic plans envisioned for steering Hypoport into the future.

  • Revenue in 2022 by segment
  • Volume of private mortgage finance in Germany
  • Credit Platform: mortgage finance and building finance product type
  • Mortgage finance product type: market share, by distribution channel
  • Private Clients: operational key figures
  • Overview of Hypoport’s key performance indicators
  • Long-term changes in revenue and EBITDA
  • Key activities from the last six months put into context
  • Possible future trajectory of mortgage finance
  • Forecasts

Ronald Slabke
CEO | Hypoport SE

Jan H. Pahl
Investor Relations Manager | Hypoport SE


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