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Hypoport SE Financial Results Q1 2023 | Revenue Growth and Strategies with CEO



This video presentation features the CEO of Hypoport SE, Ronald Slabke, discussing the company’s financial results for Q1 2023. Hypoport SE reported a 7% increase in consolidated revenue compared to Q4 2022, reaching €94 million in Q1 2023. Their EBIT also recovered from a loss of €2.5 million to a profit of €0.8 million, largely attributed to significant cost reductions.


Ronald delves into performance details across different segments of the company. The Credit Platform segment saw a 7% increase in transaction volume, resulting in a slight gain in market share. Despite some seasonal downturns, the Private Clients segment experienced a 10% quarterly increase in new loans brokered, leading to a 26% revenue advancement.


Despite some market challenges, the Real Estate Platform segment registered a 10% revenue increase. However, the Insurance Platform segment witnessed marginal revenue growth of 1% with a slight dip in the gross profit.


The CEO asserts Hypoport’s resilience amidst challenging market conditions, highlighting the company’s proactive measures in gaining market share and cost management.


Ronald is optimistic about the future, citing long-term trends like net inward migration to Germany, the housing shortage, and the investment need to improve energy efficiency.


  • A network of technology companies
  • Current market volume well below trend range
  • No alternative to property acquisition in future
  • Positive performance in a weak market environment
  • Europace still has huge potential for growth
  • Future gains in market share in a weak market
  • Modest growth; EBIT back in positive territory
  • 22-year track record as a profitable growth company
  • Core adjustments take effect in Q1 despite high inflation
  • Market holds huge opportunities for growth
  • Outlook



Ronald Slabke
CEO | Hypoport SE

Jan H. Pahl
Investor Relations Manager | Hypoport SE



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