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Knaus Tabbert AG Company Presentation | Unveiling the Future of Caravanning


Knaus Tabbert AG Company Presentation: Key Takeaways

Introduction to Manuel Taverne and Knaus Tabbert AG

Introducing Manuel Taverne, Head of Investor Relations at Knaus Tabbert AG, who will present the company’s profile.


Overview of Presentation Content

Knaus Tabbert’s Mission and Position

During the presentation, Manuel will explore Knaus Tabbert’s mission and its standing as a leading European manufacturer, explaining its brand strategy and balanced portfolio.


Insight into the Caravan Segment with a Focus on Morelo

Also, an overview of the caravan segment will be provided, focusing specifically on Morelo – the company’s crown jewel – and its rent and travel offerings.


Exploring Production and Key Structural Growth Trends

Manuel will discuss the production network and key structural growth trends, especially in the German caravanning market, where Knaus Tabbert holds a noteworthy market share.


Understanding the Company’s Order Backlog and Strategies

He will also present information on the order backlog, the company’s rent and travel strategy, and dealer network.


Innovation at Knaus Tabbert

Spotlight on Knaus Tabbert’s Innovative Technologies

Manuel will delineate Knaus Tabbert’s Tourer CUV, Frame Technology 2.0, and E.Power Drive, revealing the company’s commitment to innovation.


Overview of Chassis and New Fleet Members

An overview of the company’s chassis and new chassis strategy will also be presented, alongside introductions to 16 new fleet members.


Key Figures and Future Outlook

Review of Financials from 2019-2021 and Outlook for 2022

The presentation will encompass key figures from 2019-2021, providing a glimpse into the company’s financial health and performance.


Investment Program and Future Outlook

Manuel will also share the company’s outlook for 2022 and detail its investment program planned for 2025.


Concluding Notes on Future Growth

Requirements and Strategies for Future Growth

Manuel will discuss the prerequisites for future growth, underscoring Knaus Tabbert’s dedication to innovation and development.

  • Our Mission
  • Leading Manufacturer in Europe
  • Focused Brand Strategy
  • The Balanced Brand Portfolio
  • Overview Caravan Segment
  • Morelo – The Crown Jewel
  • Rent and Travel
  • Production Network
  • Key Structural Growth Trends
  • The German Caravanning Market
  • Market Share Overview
  • Order Backlog
  • Rent and Travel Strategy
  • The Dealer Network
  • Innovation: Tourer CUV
  • Innovation: Frame Technology 2.0
  • Innovation: E.Power Drive
  • Chassis Strategy
  • New Chassis Strategy
  • 16 New Fleet Members
  • Key Figures 2019-2021
  • Outlook 2022
  • Investment Program 2025
  • Requirements for Future Growth
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Manuel Taverne
Head of Investor Relations | Knaus Tabbert


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