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Kontron AG Deep Dive | CMD 2022 with CEO


Kontron AG Deep Dive: Key Takeaways

Exploring Kontron AG’s Capital Markets Day Highlights

Insights from CEO Hannes Niederhauser’s Presentation

Join us as we explore the highlights of Kontron AG’s Capital Markets Day presentation with CEO Hannes Niederhauser.

Diving into Key Topics and Performance Indicators

In this engaging video, Hannes covers various topics, from the recent sale of the IT Services Business to the discontinuation of Simulation Operations. He dives into the company’s key performance indicators and new business model while discussing the promising potential of the IoT and industrial IoT markets.


Delving into Kontron AG’s Market Position and Future Aims

Competition, Software, and Solutions Insights

Hannes also sheds light on their competition in the European and global markets and their software and solutions segment.

Post-Fokus Targets and Q3-22 Acquisitions

Discover Kontron AG’s targets after Fokus, and learn about their exciting new acquisitions in Q3-22.

Unveiling “The New Kontron” and Future Prospects

CEO Hannes Niederhauser’s Forward-Looking Statements

Lastly, don’t miss Hannes’ forecast for “The New Kontron” and what lies ahead for the company.

  • Sold IT Services Business
  • Simulation Discontinued Operations
  • KPI – Before and after Fokus
  • New Business Model
  • The IOT Market
  • Industrial IOT Market – Competition
  • Segment: Europe
  • Segment: Global
  • Segment: Software and Solutions
  • Targets after Fokus
  • New Acquisitions in Q3-22
  • Forecast “The New Kontron”
hannes - Kontron AG Deep Dive | CMD 2022 with CEO -%sitename%

Hannes Niederhauser
CEO | Kontron AG

nagy - Kontron AG Deep Dive | CMD 2022 with CEO -%sitename%

Nicole Nagy
Head of Investor Relations | Kontron AG


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