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Kontron AG Deep Dive 2023 | The New Kontron with CFO



The comprehensive 2023 video presentation by Clemens Billek, CFO of Kontron AG, takes you on an informative journey through the ins and outs of this leading company in the realm of smart industrial IoT solutions.


Clemens starts by positioning Kontron as a leader in the IoT field, highlighting the company’s strides in creating innovative solutions that are changing the landscape of the industrial sector. He provides a detailed account of Kontron’s transformative journey throughout 2022 and compares the company’s structure and operations before and after its strategic divestment from IT. The CFO discusses how this significant transition has reshaped Kontron, emphasizing the company’s new focus and vision.


The video dives into the exciting world of IoT, with Clemens offering a detailed analysis of the IoT market’s current state and future potential. He emphasizes Kontron’s place within this rapidly evolving landscape, positioning the company as a trendsetter with disruptive technologies.


Clemens provides an in-depth review of the company’s robust backlog and recent design wins, barring project “Focus” as a testament to Kontron’s innovation and success. He discusses how these achievements reinforce the company’s standing in the market and provides a solid foundation for its plans.


Additionally, Clemens unfolds the company’s strategy around mergers and acquisitions. He discusses potential partnerships, exploring how these strategic moves align with Kontron’s vision and contribute to its growth strategy. This segment underscores Kontron’s ambition to expand its footprint and innovate continuously, ensuring its relevance and dominance in the market.


As a wrap-up, Clemens presents the guidance and outlook for Kontron. This offers a glimpse into the company’s future, providing investors valuable insights into Kontron’s expectations and planned direction in the coming years. The CFO presents a comprehensive picture of Kontron’s future, focusing on how the company aims to leverage its strengths, capitalize on opportunities, and navigate challenges.


Suppose you’re an investor seeking a detailed, insightful perspective on Kontron AG and the future of smart industrial IoT solutions. In that case, this video presentation promises a deep dive into the company’s transformation, technologies, strategies, and prospects. It offers a valuable resource to understand Kontron’s place in the market, the dynamics of the IoT field, and the potential investment opportunities within.


  • Leader of Smart Industrial IoT Solutions
  • Transformation update – 2022 summary
  • The New Kontron – Before and after IT divestment
  • The IoT Market
  • Technology: We own disruptive technologies
  • Backlog and design wins excl. project “Focus”
  • Drivers to our growth strategy
  • M&A Pipeline
  • Guidance and Outlook



Clemens Billek
CFO | Kontron AG

Nicole Nagy
Head of Investor Relations | Kontron AG



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