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LEG Immobilien SE ESG | Approach and Commitment with IR


LEG Immobilien SE ESG: Key Takeaways

Introduction to Frank Kopfinger and ESG in Real Estate

We are pleased to introduce Frank Kopfinger, the Investor Relations representative for LEG Immobilien SE.


Unveiling Insights into ESG Topics with Frank Kopfinger

We are thrilled to have him here today to share his insights on some of the most relevant and pressing ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) topics currently impacting the real estate industry.


The Increasing Importance of ESG in Investments

Global Shifts Towards Sustainable Investment

As we navigate through an ever-evolving global landscape, it has become increasingly important for companies to prioritise sustainability and responsible business practices. Investors are becoming more conscious of the long-term impact these issues can have on their investments and are emphasising companies’ ESG performance.


Anticipating Frank Kopfinger’s ESG Expertise

Addressing ESG Challenges at LEG Immobilien SE

Because of this backdrop, we are excited to hear from Frank, who will share his expertise on the latest ESG trends and challenges LEG Immobilien SE faces. By shedding light on these critical topics, we hope to gain a deeper understanding of the company’s commitment to sustainability and how it is taking proactive steps to address ESG issues.

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Frank Kopfinger, CFA
Head of Investor Relations & Strategy | LEG SE


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