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MedApp SA Deep Dive 2022 | Revolutionizing Patient Care with Mixed Reality Technology with Director



This captivating video presentation is led by Maciej Stanuch, Technology Director of MedApp S.A., a distinguished technology company listed on the NewConnect stock exchange. The presentation focuses on the company’s revolutionary CarnaLife Holo system, a cutting-edge mixed-reality technology designed to reshape patient care, paving the way for new frontiers in the medical industry.


As the video begins, Stanuch sets the stage by detailing the challenges faced in the medical market. With increasing demands on healthcare systems worldwide, medical practitioners need innovative solutions that improve efficiency, accuracy, and overall patient experience. This leads us to the central discussion of the presentation – the innovative solution MedApp S.A. has developed to meet these challenges: the CarnaLife Holo system.


CarnaLife Holo, the flagship product of MedApp S.A., is a transformative mixed-reality tool that uses holographic visualization. Using real-world examples, Stanuch demonstrates how CarnaLife Holo’s mixed reality interface can seamlessly integrate into medical procedures, providing a more interactive and immersive experience for practitioners and improving patient outcomes. The video introduces the system through a comprehensive deep dive that explores its applications, main features, and results.


The presentation continues with real-life case studies in various medical fields, including surgical oncology, cardiology, orthopaedics, and otolaryngology. These case studies provide a real understanding of how CarnaLife Holo can be applied in different medical scenarios, highlighting this transformative technology’s broad scope and versatility.


Key benefits of CarnaLife Holo are summarized towards the end of the video, emphasizing the potential of this technology to revolutionize patient care. Coupled with MedApp’s strategic partnerships with industry giants such as Google, Microsoft, and GE Healthcare, the presentation makes a compelling case for why MedApp is a leader in digital medicine.


Lastly, Stanuch unveils MedApp’s plans for international expansion. The company aims to bring their pioneering technology to medical facilities worldwide, embodying its commitment to pushing the boundaries of digital medicine and improving patient care on a global scale.


In conclusion, this presentation is an insightful exploration into the future of healthcare, showcasing how MedApp’s CarnaLife Holo system is poised to redefine medical practices, bolstering its position as a trailblazer in the global medical technology industry.


  • Introduction
  • Challenges in today’s Medical Market
  • Solutions to the Problems
  • CarnaLife Holo: Introduction
  • – Application of Mixed Reality
  • – Holographic Visualization
  • – Main Features
  • – Results
  • CarnaLife Holo in the Field
  • Use Case: Surgical Oncology
  • Use Case: Cardiology
  • Use Case: Orthopedics
  • Use Case: Otolaryngology
  • Summary: Key Benefits
  • International Expansion



Maciej Stanuch
CarnaLife Holo Technology Manager | MedApp S.A.

Krzysztof Mędrala
CEO | MedApp S.A.



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