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Multitude SE Elevator Pitch 2023 | 20 Years of Fintech Progress with IR



Explore the journey of Multitude SE, a pioneering force in the fintech industry, in this comprehensive video presentation led by their Chief Strategy and IR Officer, Lasse Mäkelä. Unearth the success story of a firm that has been driving innovation for over two decades, maintaining profitability and demonstrating resilience even in challenging times like the COVID-19 pandemic.

From humble beginnings in Helsinki, Finland, in 2005, Multitude has grown to establish a strong presence in 18 countries with 700 dedicated employees and a robust customer base of 400,000. Its strategic ecosystem comprises three independent business units – SweepBank, Ferratum, and CapitalBox – each with unique strengths and contributions to the group’s revenue.

Mäkelä shares the company’s vision of building the most valued financial ecosystem, underpinned by customer centricity, entrepreneurial spirit, candour, respect, and winning teams. He elaborates on the company’s unique ‘growth platform’ concept, an internal banking-as-a-service model that has been instrumental in the company’s evolution and is now being selectively offered to external customers.

The video presentation concludes with key takeaways on Multitude’s growth trajectory and plans. The company is poised for more growth and looks forward to democratising financial services through digitalisation, making them fast, easy, and green.

Company Profile

Multitude aims to become the most valued financial ecosystem by acting as a growth platform that creates success stories in FinTech. With profound know-how in technology, regulation, funding and cross-selling, Multitude offers a range of sustainable banking and financial services for FinTechs to grow and scale rapidly.

Multitude and its three independent businesses, SweepBank, Ferratum and CapitalBox, employ over 700 people in 19 countries, and they together generated EUR 214 million in revenue in 2021.

Multitude was founded in 2005 in Finland and is listed in the Prime Standard segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the symbol ‘FRU.

Multitude SE

Ratamestarinkatu 11 A

00520 Helsinki, Finland


  • Key IR Contacts
  • Creating Success Stories in Fintech for the Last Two Decades
  • Delivering Profitable Growth with 18 Years of Experience
  • Clear Vision of Building the Most Valued Financial Ecosystem
  • Our Strategy
  •  Ecosystem Includes 3 Independent Business Units and our Growth Platform
  • Key Takeaways of this Presentation



Lasse Mäkelä
Chief Strategy and IR Officer | Multitude SE​



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