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Mutares SE Elevator Pitch 2023 | Unique Approach to Value Creation with CIO



In the captivating video presentation, Johannes Laumann, the Chief Investment Officer of Mutares SE, meticulously delivers insights into their unique approach to value creation. 


Johannes dives deep into Mutares SE’s outstanding growth, explaining how it creates an attractive momentum in the ever-evolving stock market. This comprehensive discussion demystifies the company’s strategic plans, offering potential investors a clear and concise overview.


The presentation further accentuates Mutares SE as Europe’s most active turnaround investor, showcasing the company’s proactive and agile strategies in identifying and capitalizing on opportunities. Through an engaging discussion on portfolio allocation to the value creation life cycle, viewers understand how Mutares SE optimizes its investments, managing risk and maximizing returns.


Furthermore, the video outlines seven compelling reasons why investing in Mutares SE shares is smart, leveraging the company’s strengths and track record. This includes their proven record of successful turnarounds, consistent returns, and robust portfolio diversification. 


Overall, this video provides a comprehensive guide to the advantages of investing in Mutares SE, presenting it as an attractive proposition for anyone looking to diversify their portfolio with a proven and reputable entity in the stock market.


  • Introduction
  • Outstanding Growth and Attractive Momentum
  • Value Creation Life Cycle
  • Most Active Turnaround Investor in Europe
  • Portfolio Allocation to the Value Creation Life Cycle
  • 7 Reasons to Invest in the Mutares Share



Johannes Laumann
CIO | Mutares SE & Co. KGaA



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