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Mutares SE Financial Results FY 2022 | Record Net Income & Ambitious Growth Plans with CIO


Mutares SE FY 2022: Key Takeaways

Record-Breaking Year for Mutares in 2022

Get ready to be impressed by Mutares’ extraordinary financial results in the year 2022, featuring both prominent buy-side and sell-side transactions. The Munich-based private equity investor showcased their understanding of the industry and solidified their standing as one of Europe’s most dynamic private equity investors, managing 25 companies and reporting a staggering €4 billion turnover.


Impressive Transaction Activity and Portfolio Growth

The active year brought forth 13 buy-side and six sell-side transactions, reflecting the company’s aggressive growth strategy and ability to navigate complex financial terrains.


Notable Financial Highlights

The monetary accomplishments include a turnover poised to catapult from €4 billion in 2022 to an anticipated €7 billion in 2025.


Unveiling Mutares’ Strategy and Operational Segments

Mutares, known for acquiring companies with robust operational turnaround potential, operates dominantly in three segments: automotive and mobility, engineering technology, and goods and services, contributing to its extensive portfolio and financial influx.


Mutares’ Portfolio and Operational Domains

Amplifying its presence across various sectors, the company endeavours to deliver remarkable performance by tapping into different industries and exploiting its operational potential to the fullest.


A Deep Dive into Financial Outcomes and Future Projections

With a net income soaring to an all-time high of €72.9 million, Mutares has painted a picture of financial excellence and stability. The stellar performance is further highlighted by revenues from consulting services and management fees, which escalated to €71.1 million.


Exemplary Growth and Transaction Activity in 2022

Witnessing renewed growth, driven predominantly by high transaction activity, Mutares made strategic movements with twelve acquisitions and six exits within the year.


Revenue and EBITDA Overview

The group’s consolidated revenues touched €3.8 billion, with an EBITDA standing at €181.5 million, illustrating financial adeptness in their ventures.


Optimistic Future Financial Projections

The Management Board radiates optimism for the future, projecting a net income ranging from €92 million to €112 million in 2023, even amidst prevailing economic uncertainties.


Dividend and Investor Insights

Despite the pervasive uncertain times, Mutares’ resilient business model, fortified by a robust net income, intends to offer a stable base dividend of €1.00 per share, reflecting financial stability and a rewarding outlook for investors.


Why Keep an Eye on Mutares?

Mutares stands out as a symbol of financial stability and aggressive growth in the private equity domain, making it a noteworthy entity for investors and financial enthusiasts to keep tabs on.

  • Key Developments of the Financial Year 202
  • Key Financial Data for Group and Holding FY2022
  • Turnaround Hero with Clear Identity and Strong Achievements
  • Portfolio Grown to 26 Companies with Ann. Revenues of ca. €5,2bn
  • Pipeline Shows Significant Growth Potential on Buyside and Good Start in FY 2023
  • Focus for FY 2023 on Strong Sellside and Realization of Successful Exits
  • We Deliver What We Promise
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Johannes Laumann
CIO | Mutares SE & Co. KGaA


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