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Palfinger AG Financial Results FY 2022 | Insights and Strategy 2030 with CFO


Palfinger AG FY 2022: Key Takeaways

2022 Financial Overview by Palfinger AG’s CFO

In this highly informative video presentation, Felix Strohbichler, the CFO of Palfinger AG, provides a comprehensive financial review of FY 2022, revealing an in-depth understanding of the company’s recent performance and its strategic direction for the future.


Key Highlights of Palfinger’s 2022 Performance

Kicking off with a concise overview of 2022, Strohbichler presents a vivid picture of Palfinger’s standing in the year under review. This sets the stage for the subsequent chapters, which delve into the company’s resilience demonstrated through industry diversity and how this robustness feeds into Palfinger’s financial health.


Palfinger’s Commitment to Sustainability

An important theme of this presentation is Palfinger’s commitment to sustainability, and Strohbichler does not shy away from articulating this vital corporate responsibility. He explains the specific sustainability efforts of the company and shows how they contribute to its financial robustness and industry-leading status.


Exploration of Key KPIs for 2022

Next, the CFO takes viewers on a journey through the key KPIs for 2022, elaborating on how each indicator has contributed to the overall financial performance of Palfinger. These insights give the viewer a granular understanding of the company’s financial health and growth prospects.


Strategic Plans and Financial Strategy Up to 2030

The strategic plans leading up to 2030 are meticulously unpacked, detailing the level of investments Palfinger is aiming for in the upcoming years. Strohbichler also touches upon the increasing financing volume and equity ratios, providing a broader picture of the company’s financial strategy.


Investment Growth and Impact on Free Cash Flow

The concept of investment growth and its impact on free cash flow is explored, providing a valuable look into Palfinger’s strategies to increase shareholder value. The CFO then transitions to outlining the company’s targets for 2023, showing what investors can expect in the short term.


Mid-Term Targets for 2027

Before wrapping up, Felix shares the mid-term targets for 2027, ensuring viewers understand Palfinger’s strategic and financial goals for the next few years.


Conclusion and Key Takeaways

In its totality, this presentation is a goldmine of information for existing and potential investors, industry analysts, and anyone interested in the financial workings of a major, stock-listed company—a must-watch to understand Palfinger’s financial performance and strategic vision.


  • 2022 at a Glance
  • Palfinger at a Glance
  • Resilience through Industry Diversity
  • Sustainability
  • Key KPIs 2022
  • Strategy 2030 / Level of Investments
  • Increased Financing Volume
  • Equity Ratios
  • Investment Growth / Impact on FCF
  • Target 2023
  • Mid-Term Targets 2027

Felix Strohbichler
CFO | Palfinger AG

Hannes Roither
VP Investor Relations & Company Spokesperson | Palfinger AG


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