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RATIONAL AG Deep Dive | Mastering Modern Cooking with iCombi & iVario with IR


Rational AG Deep Dive: Key Takeaways

Enthralling Introduction and Live Cooking with iCombi and iVario

In the engaging “RATIONAL AG Deep Dive 2021” video presentation, viewers are immersed in RATIONAL AG’s innovative cooking solutions, specifically the iCombi and iVario systems. Stefan provides a warm and enthusiastic introduction, setting a vibrant tone for the entire presentation. He follows this with a live cooking demonstration, highlighting the simplicity and innovation these advanced cooking systems bring.


Exploration of iCombi and iVario’s Advanced Features


iCombi’s Low-Temperature Cooking Feature

The video thoroughly explores the iCombi’s low-temperature cooking feature, illustrating how this functionality optimises the cooking process for various foods to ensure consistently exceptional taste and quality.


iVario Segment: Effortless Breakfast Menu Preparation

Meanwhile, the iVario segment gracefully showcases the preparation of a sumptuous breakfast menu, demonstrating the system’s capacity to effortlessly manage various meals, ensuring viewers understand its substantial capabilities.


Demonstration of Diverse and Versatile Cooking Options


“A la Carte” Dishes with iCombi

The “A la carte” dishes section, utilising iCombi, educates viewers on preparing various luscious dishes, underscoring the system’s remarkable versatility and capability to handle different culinary requirements.


iVario Cooking Demonstration: Preparing Pad-Thai

Transitioning to the iVario system, Stefan prepares Pad-Thai in three distinct parts, stressing the system’s adaptability and steadfast ability to maintain consistent quality across diverse dishes.


Classic Cooking with iCombi: Fish and Chips

The iCombi system’s expertise is then prominently displayed with a classic “Fish and Chips” dish, illustrating the machine’s adeptness in executing traditional recipes while maintaining high-quality outcomes.


Informative Q&A Session Providing Investment Insights

The concluding segment is a detailed Q&A session where Stefan addresses various questions from stock investors, furnishing valuable insights about RATIONAL AG’s future and shedding light on its promising investment potential.

  • Intro with Stefan
  • Intro Cooking Demo
  • iCombi: low temperature cooking
  • iVario: Breakfast Menu
  • iCombi: A la carte dishes 1
  • iVario: Pad-Thai 1
  • iCombi: A la carte dishes 2
  • iVario: Pad Thai 2
  • iCombi: Fish and Chips
  • iVario: Pad Thai 3
  • Q&A
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Stefan Arnold
Head of Investor Relations | RATIONAL AG


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