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SECO SpA Financial Results FY 2022 | Record-Breaking with IR


SECO SpA FY 2022: Key Takeaways

Exciting 2022 Results of SECO SpA

Get ready to be blown away by the exciting 2022 results of SECO SpA, presented by none other than Marco Parisi, the head of Investor Relations.


Remarkable Organic Growth Amid Challenges

Despite facing a challenging year, SECO SpA achieved organic growth of 43%, reaching a whopping €201 million in revenue and €44 million in adjusted dividends. 

And the best part? Profitability remained stable at a gross margin and EBITDA level compared to the previous year.


SECO SpA Business Skyrocketing in Clea

But that’s not all. SECO SpA’s business in Clea skyrocketed, reaching €18.5 million in just under two years since its launch. This helped counterbalance the negative effect of higher component costs in the Edge Computing business, where SECO SpA only charges its customers the extra cost, not the related margin.


A Future Full of Opportunities

Looking towards the future, SECO SpA’s order backlog remains high, with a pipeline of opportunities waiting to be explored. With a focus on expanding its ecosystem of partners, SECO SpA is well-positioned to seize platform business opportunities with customers, where their operating system, Clea, can be used as a foundation for value-added solutions.


Anticipating a Strong Q1 and Continued Success

So prepare for a strong Q1, as SECO SpA expects net sales to grow by around 30% compared to last year.

With exciting new partnerships and the launch of a client App Store, SECO SpA is poised for continued growth and success in the years to come.

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Marco Parisi
Head of Investor Relations | SECO SpA


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