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SIXT SE Elevator Pitch 2022 | Revolutionizing Mobility with CFO



Immerse yourself in this insightful video presentation by SIXT SE, a leading mobility service provider. The presentation, helmed by CFO Prof. Dr Kai Andrejewski, provides a comprehensive overview of the company’s business model, strategies, and vision for the future. From its foundational structure to its expansion into global markets, this video delves into all facets of SIXT’s operation, highlighting its resilience and adaptability in a fast-changing industry.


Starting with a riveting introduction, the video effortlessly encapsulates SIXT SE’s key business tenets and path to success. It explores SIXT’s basic business model, which focuses on providing integrated, seamless mobility solutions to customers worldwide. The concept of an integrated mobility platform is introduced, underscoring the company’s commitment to delivering superior service and innovating for the future.


Prof. Dr Andrejewski provides an in-depth view of the SIXT strategy. This segment unravels the company’s vision for delivering robust mobility solutions, investing in the right technology, and harnessing growth opportunities in the industry.


An important highlight of the presentation is the exploration of the SIXT brand. This section underlines the company’s determination to maintain a strong, reliable, and customer-focused brand image while promoting sustainability.


The video summarises a thorough analysis of SIXT’s internationalization efforts and product scaling. Viewers gain insights into SIXT’s strategic efforts to expand its footprint globally. A spotlight is cast on the ambitious US expansion plans, signalling the company’s intent to capitalize on one of the world’s largest mobility markets.


  • First Glance – Intro Video
  • The Basic Business Model
  • The Integrated Mobility Platform
  • The SIXT Strategy
  • The SIXT Brand
  • Internationalization & Product Scaling
  • The US Expansion



Prof. Dr. Kai Andrejewski

Nicole Schillinger
Head of Investor Relations | SIXT SE



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