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Wacker Chemie AG Financial Results Q1 2022 | Highlights & Future Targets with IR


Wacker Chemie AG Q1 2022: Key Takeaways

Comprehensive Financial Review by Scott McCollister

Join Scott McCollister, Investor Relations (IR) of Wacker Chemie AG, for a profound examination of the company’s financial performance in Q1-2022, alongside a peek into its growth strategies and upcoming objectives. This encompassing video presents a meticulous walkthrough from the initial quarter highlights of 2022 to the long-term strategic goals set for 2030.


Exclusive Insight into Q1-2022 Highlights and P&L

You will attain unique insights into Wacker Chemie’s Profit and Loss (P&L) for Q1-22, as well as a detailed dissection of the balance sheet, elucidating the financial prowess and stability of the firm.


Deep Dive into Key Business Segments Performance

Analysis of Silicones, Polymers, BioSolutions, and Polysilicon

Explore an in-depth analysis of major business segments’ performance and future outlook, including silicones, polymers, BioSolutions, and polysilicon. Learn how each division strategies to navigate through the fiscal year, ensuring Wacker Chemie’s unwavering progression despite market fluctuations.


Assessment of Net Financial Position and 2022 Group Guidance

McCollister provides a robust overview of the company’s net financial position and offers insights into the group guidance set for the fiscal year 2022, revealing strategic actions destined to uphold the company’s financial solidity.


Strategy Outlook: Aiming Towards 2030

The video culminates with a discourse on the company’s Strategy 2030, orchestrating a future paved with accelerated growth, heightened profitability, and fortified resilience. Discover how capital investments in over 40 global projects are set to propel Wacker Chemie AG towards its ambitious 2030 objectives.

  • Highlights Q1-22
  • Strategies and Targets
  • Targets 2022 – 2026
  • Maintaining Resilience
  • Capital Allocation Priorities
  • Targets 2030
  • P&L Q1-22
  • Balance Sheet
  • Silicones: Q1 and Outlook
  • Polymers: Q1 and Outlook
  • BioSolutions: Q1 and Outlook
  • Polysilicon: Q1 and Outlook
  • Net Financial Position
  • Group Guidance 2022

Scott McCollister
Director Investor Relations | Wacker Chemie AG


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