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XTPL S.A. Elevator Pitch 2022 | Pioneering Nanomaterial Printing for Next-Generation Electronics with CEO



XTPL is a deep technology company based in Poland with US offices, focusing on ultra-precision nanomaterial printing to improve next-generation electronics manufacturing. Their groundbreaking technology enables unmatched precision and resolution of printing electronics, which the modern microelectronic industry demands.


They have developed metallic nano inks, a unique printer called the delta printing system, and an epsilon printing module for industrial implementation. They are working on the evaluation process with global giants from the industries of flat panel displays, semiconductors, and printed circuit boards for the ultimate implementation of their technology into the production line. XTPL’s big vision is to become part of almost every modern electronic device.


They are dedicated to protecting their unique intellectual property and diversifying the financing of their research and development activities.

Company Profile

XTPL S.A. (WSE: XTP; FRA: 5C8) is a deep-tech company providing ground-breaking precision printing solutions for the global electronics market. The company develops and commercializes solutions based on its globally innovative technology platform protected by international patent applications – the innovative additive manufacturing method for the next generation of electronics. XTPL solutions are aimed for the fast-growing industry of additive manufacturing of electronics AME  and in areas such as microelectronics, flat panel displays, PCBs and biosensors. XTPL solutions enable ultra-precise printing of ultra-thin (even up to 1 μm wide), transparent and highly flexible lines that can conduct electricity.


The XTPL technology is a response to the three megatrends in the production of modern electronics. The industry is currently strongly focused on further miniaturization of the size and weight of electronic devices, modifying their forms and properties, and moving towards an increased flexibility and three-dimensionality. The recent global trend is also environmental protection by efficient use of limited resources while reducing the production waste, which is enabled by additive technology. XTPL develops its proprietary innovative nanoprinting solutions that support those trends, offering them to global players in the industry of manufacturing of the next generation electronics.


Due to the possibility of printing very thin conductive lines, while using ink with a very high concentration of metallic nanoparticles, the XTPL printing technology can be used in electronic connections in advanced integrated circuits, 3D printed electronics, hybrid flexible electronics, the Internet of Things and similar areas. The area in which XTPL expects the fastest use of its proprietary technology in industry is the precise repair of open defects. This application attracts very high interest not only from manufacturers of high-resolution OLEDs, but also from manufacturers from the semiconductor industry. Furthermore, ultra-precise repair can help speed up the launch of the next-generation displays based on microLED technology, which has all the qualities to revolutionize the market.


Recently XTPL  established cooperation with international, highly specialized distributing partners to accelerate its growth: in South Korea (Bandi Consortia), China and Hong Kong (YI XIN Technology), the British Isles (Semitronics Sales Ltd) and Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Netherlands, Spain (meronics GmbH & Co. KG.).


After initial 6 years of focused development of its technological solutions, in 2021, XTPL transformed successfully and started commercialization of its first products. The first two business lines attracted a growing interest on the market and started generating growing revenues. Delta Printing System and nanoinks are now used by innovators and early adopters internationally, who are shaping the future of manufacturing of next generation electronics. In the high-performance ink business line, the strategic partnership with Nano Dimension Ltd. the NASDAQ-listed Israeli company was established at the beginning of 2022. In parallel XTPL is running multiple projects with major manufacturers of electronics and of capital equipment aimed at industrial implementation of its technological solutions.


Since 2019, XTPL S.A. has been listed on the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, and since 2020 on the Open Market in Frankfurt.



Stabłowicka 14 

54-066 Wrocław, Poland

phone +48 71 707 22 04


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Filip Granek



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