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ZEAL Network SE Financial Results Q1 2024 | Surging Revenues and Strategic Insights


ZEAL Network SE Q1 2024: Key Takeaways

Sebastian Bielski’s Presentation Overview

Sebastian Bielski, the Chief Financial Officer of ZEAL Network SE, delivered a comprehensive video presentation, underscoring the company’s robust financial performance for the first quarter of 2024. Notably, Sebastian announced a substantial 35% surge in group revenue, reaching €36.1 million, a significant leap from €26.7 million in the first quarter of the previous year. This impressive growth was primarily driven by a noteworthy 22% increase in lottery billings, which soared to €246.3 million.

Key Financial Metrics Highlighted

Delving into the financial metrics, Sebastian drew attention to a remarkable 28% upswing in revenues from the lottery sector, with earnings climbing to €32.0 million. This achievement can be attributed to ZEAL’s successful strategic customer engagement initiatives, which have led to a more extensive customer base. The average monthly active users (MAUs) witnessed a significant 21% year-over-year increase, indicating the effectiveness of these initiatives in fostering more frequent and sustained user interaction.

Growth in ZEAL’s Games Business

The video also sheds light on ZEAL’s games business, a newer venture with promising growth. Revenue from this segment grew by 20% compared to the fourth quarter of 2023, generating €2.2 million. Notably, the stability of the gross margin at 7.0% underscores the potential of this sector as part of ZEAL’s diversified portfolio, indicating its ability to maintain profitability despite growth.

Challenges and Successes of the Quarter

Sebastian was particularly forthcoming about the quarter’s challenges and successes. Despite almost doubling marketing expenses and absorbing a negative one-off effect from a major win in ZEAL’s charity lottery, the company’s EBITDA increased by 1% to € 9.4 million. This demonstrates ZEAL’s resilience and ability to manage expenses effectively while scaling up operations, a testament to our commitment to financial stability and growth.

Future Strategies and Operational Efficiency

The CFO was open to discussing future strategies, including the squeeze-out at LOTTO24, which aims to consolidate operations and enhance efficiency. This move will streamline processes and optimize resource allocation across the company’s various ventures.

Conclusion and Outlook

Sebastian concluded his presentation by reiterating ZEAL’s commitment to maintaining a strong growth trajectory and enhancing shareholder value. He expressed confidence in the company’s strategic initiatives, which are designed to sustain momentum and enhance shareholder value, expand customer bases, and innovate within the online lottery market, inspiring a sense of anticipation for the future.

Importance of the Presentation

This video is a must-watch for investors and industry stakeholders who are keen on understanding the dynamics of ZEAL Network SE’s operations, financial health, and strategic direction in the competitive online lottery and gaming market.

  • Summary Q1 2024
  • Very Good Jackpot Environment
  • Zeal Income Statement Q1 ’24
  • Lottery Billlings Grow Faster Than Market Driven Growth
  • Update On Progres Towards Strategic Goals for 2024
  • Higher Lottery Billings Margin in Q1 ’24
  • Significant Increase In Marketing Efficiency
  • Games Business Continues to Show Attractive Metrics
  • Guidance 2024 Confirmed
  • Key Take-Aways
Sebastian Bielski - ZEAL Network SE Financial Results Q1 2024 | Surging Revenues and Strategic Insights -%sitename%

Sebastian Bielski
CFO | ZEAL Network SE

hoffmann - ZEAL Network SE Financial Results Q1 2024 | Surging Revenues and Strategic Insights -%sitename%

Frank Hoffmann
Head of Investor Relations | Zeal Network SE​


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