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Watch Video Presentations with Management

As an experienced,  individual investor, you’re probably all too used to getting shut out of company presentations reserved for large institutional investors.  At best, you might get to watch a 30-second TV segment about a company’s performance last quarter — but this is unlikely to contain the kind of deep analysis you really need.

At seat11a, we’re rooting for you. We believe that all experienced investors deserve access to reliable, detailed financial intelligence — whether they’re the little guy or employed by a global investment bank. That’s why our video presentations make the latest outlooks, company fundamentals, and news available to anyone. 

There’s no better way to understand a company than to hear about it directly from the mouths of its managers. Traditionally, that’s always meant in-person meetings and presentations — but there’s no reason why this process can’t take place virtually. Given Covid, ESG, CO2 emission reductions, and cost-cutting, virtual meetings are the name of the game!

The Company Presentation videos contain detailed outlines of a firm’s business model, products, and outlook, along with its latest news. They’re as informative as sitting across the table (without the hustle and complications of physical meetings).

The Elevator Pitch gives you a quick company overview on the fly! 


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Join the Virtual Booth

Using our virtual booth is like dropping into a market store — you’ll get the chance to meet a company, find links to external resources, and access extra videos. You’ll even be able to ask questions (and, more importantly, receive answers). 

These are all multiple ways of making your investment decisions easier.  

Screen Our Company Database

Our database contains an impressive range of firms from across the globe, and it’s growing every week. Search for specific parameters to find the exact type of company you want to invest in or browse casually until something piques your interest — either way, you’ll never go back to your previous discovery methods.

Get Your Voice Heard!

Ever had a burning question you wish you could put directly to management? Now you can — no matter who you are (as long as you’re a registered user, that is).

If you ask the right questions, the answer could benefit our entire community, so we let users vote for the most valuable queries. A company’s management will answer the top three, so think carefully.

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