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Avoid Travel Restrictions

Fed up with delays, cancellations, and wasted time? Increase your efficiency while helping the environment, cutting your costs, and saving your travel time by addressing your investors virtually.

Watch Video Presentations with Management

There’s no better way to understand a company than to hear about it directly from the mouths of its managers. Traditionally, that’s always meant in-person meetings and presentations — but there’s no reason why this process can’t take place virtually.
Given Covid, ESG, CO2 emission reductions, and cost-cutting, virtual meetings are the name of the game!

The Company Presentation videos contain detailed outlines of a firm’s business model, products, and outlook, along with its latest news. They’re as informative as sitting across the table (without the hustle and complications of physical meetings).

The Elevator Pitch gives you a quick company overview on the fly! 


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Browse Our Company Database

The beauty of seat11a is that we won’t just inform you about a single firm — or even a select group of companies. We have a comprehensive database of businesses, and it’s constantly growing.

Just knock the relevant parameters into our search bar to find a company that suits your purposes or check out our recent videos until you find something of interest. You won’t be disappointed! 

Contact Companies Directly

What would you do with the details of hundreds of companies at your fingertips? 

Whether you just want to browse the latest news or you’re hoping to get into contact with a firm’s directors, rest assured we’ll facilitate it at seat11a.

„Virtual Booth“

As if our video presentations weren’t useful enough, you can turn to our virtual booth for even more information. 

Take a closer look at company data, find helpful external resources, and learn about the most important events in a firm’s history through additional videos. 

Don’t say we don’t spoil you. 

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