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LEG Immobilien | Frank Kopfinger, IR




00:13 Introduction

01:25 Portfolio Overview
03:17 Attractive Growth & Returns
04:11 Unique Risk/Return Profile
05:53 Strong Financial Profile
06:42 ESG Agenda 2024
10:09 Guidance 2021

11:44 Contact


LEG Immobilien SE

Hans-Boeckler-Strasse 38
40476 Duesseldorf



phone +49 211 4568 0

Company Profile

With around 145,000 rental properties and approximately 400,000 residents, LEG is one of Germany’s leading listed housing companies. 


The company has seven branch offices in its heartland in North Rhine-Westphalia and is represented by local personal contacts at selected locations in other western German states.

LEG generated income of around EUR 861 million from its core rental and lease business in the 2020 financial year. 


As part of the new construction campaign it launched in 2018, LEG wishes to make a social contribution towards creating both privately financed and publicly subsidised housing and to build or acquire at least 500 new apartments per year from 2023 onwards.



Frank Kopfinger, CFA
Head of Investor Relations & Strategy | LEG SE

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LEG Immobilien | Frank Kopfinger, IR

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LEG Immobilien | Frank Kopfinger, IR

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