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Schaltbau Holding AG | Company Presentation | Steffen Munz, CFO


00:16  Intro

00:55  Schaltbau at a glance

03:16  Key investment highlights

07:23  Core rail business segments

08:28  New growth markets

09:29  Detailed look into new growth markets

10:40  End applications in new markets

13:06  Mid-term strategy

15:36  Mid-longterm outlook

16:28  Key takeaways


Schaltbau Holding AG

Hollerithstrasse 5

81829 Munich


phone +49 89 93005-230

Company Profile

The Schaltbau Group is primarily a supplier of products, systems and solutions to the railway industry. 

Moreover, with its components for DC applications it is also opening up new business opportunities in the automotive and capital goods industries. 

Under the slogan “Safety and Availability through Electromechanical Systems”, the Schaltbau Group leverages its technological expertise to explore market potential wherever direct current is used to generate, transmit or store electrical energy.

The Schaltbau Group‘s four segments primarily address the following market segments:

– Pintsch: Manufactures electrical equipment for rail infrastructure applications

– Bode: Manufactures door and boarding systems for rolling stock, buses and road


– Schaltbau: Manufactures electromechanical components for rolling stock, industrial

equipment and automotive applications

– SBRS: Refurbishes rolling stock and installs high-performance charging infrastructures

The Schaltbau Group is among the world‘s leading suppliers of smart door and boarding systems made by Bode and electromechanical components made by Schaltbau.

The Schaltbau Group operates four manufacturing plants in Germany and 14 internationally based production locations in Europe, America and Asia. 

The value creation structure of most Schaltbau product lines is defined by a pronounced level of vertical integration and a high volume of in-house production. 

When implementing projects, on the other hand, Schaltbau makes extensive use of bought-in components and contractual services.


Steffen Munz
CFO | Schaltbau Holding AG

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Schaltbau Holding AG | Company Presentation | Steffen Munz, CFO
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Schaltbau Holding AG | Company Presentation | Steffen Munz, CFO
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