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SURF ERA | Company Presentation | Marvin Thams, CEO


2:29 Surfers Problem

4:50 International Market Development

10:36 National Development

15:55 Customer Potential

19:02 Business Model

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Wegedornstr. 32
12524 Berlin
+49 30 209 346 615

Company Profile

The SURF ERA Surf Park concept is based on a modular system. Our clients pick the desired additional facilities that complement the wave pool – the consistent feature in every Surf Park. We will provide a concept that is tailored to a broad variety of locations, environments and climates.


Our key goal is to build a unique place for the visitors while keeping low operational and embodied energy at the forefront of the process. In general, our intention is to make surfing more popular and accessible to everyone by bringing the sport and lifestyle to landlocked areas of the world. 


Marvin Thams
Founder & CEO | SURF ERA
Sanjay Oberoi
CEO & Founder | seat11a.com​

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SURF ERA | Company Presentation | Marvin Thams, CEO
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SURF ERA | Company Presentation | Marvin Thams, CEO
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