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Synektik SA | Company Presentation | Dariusz Korecki, CFO


00:12  About Synektik

01:54  Business Activities: Overview

02:55    1. Radiopharmaceuticals

06:53    2. Cardiotracer

09:50    3. Medical Equipment & IT Solutions

15:20  Financial Results


Synektik SA

Al. Witosa 31

00-710 Warsaw



phone: +48 22 327 09 00

Company Profile

Synektik is an integrator of innovative solutions for the healthcare sector, present on the market since 2001. The Group produces, develops or brings to Poland and consumerises the latest medical technologies. Synektik specialises in products and services in the fields of oncology, cardiology, neurology and radiology used in diagnostics and therapy treatment.


The Group is a leading manufacturer of advanced radiopharmaceutical products for PET-CT examinations. Synektik has three production facilities in Poland for radio-tracers, one of which serves as its research and development centre, tasked with developing new innovative products. The Group also operates its own clinical research centre. The Company remains the only radiotracer provider in Poland with seven different products registered. The Company’s flagship project is an innovative cardiotracer with global potential for the diagnosis of coronary heart disease, which is currently in stage three clinical trials.  


Synektik is also one of the key Polish developers and providers of IT solutions to private and public health centres. The Group has a specialist IT department responsible for developing proprietary applications dedicated to radiology (e.g. PACS, RIS). Synektik recently launched an innovative teleradiology platform Zbadani.pl, designed for connecting patients, medical facilities, doctors and teleradiology centres.


Synektik is a distributor of innovative medical equipment on exclusive and non-exclusive basis. In this segment, the Company works with over a dozen global producers of diagnostics and therapeutic products (e.g. Intuitive, Philips, Zeiss, Eckert & Ziegler, ZAP Surgical). With such an extensive product portfolio and strong competences, the Company offers turn-key and complex projects where it combines its own and third-party solutions.  


Dariusz Korecki
CFO | Synektik SA

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Synektik SA | Company Presentation | Dariusz Korecki, CFO
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Synektik SA | Company Presentation | Dariusz Korecki, CFO
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