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Mission Statement

• connect corporations and investors

• democratize investor access to companies

• increase efficiency for managers and investors

• help everyone to go green by cutting emissions


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The investment world has a coordination problem. seat11a has the solution!


Companies are keen to make their investment cases and updates available to as many people as possible, while investors need easy access to reliable information. Yet there’s never been a central hub to connect the two parties. 

Instead, investors must spend considerable time and resources scouring numerous sources or compiling their own reports.


This hurts everyone: individuals sourcing their data independently, institutional investors hit by ever-decreasing budgets, and the firms that want to reach them both. In today’s fast-paced world, producing repetitive reports is no longer feasible — and with existing technology, it shouldn’t be necessary.



That’s why we created seat11a.


We democratize financial intelligence by providing tools that make important investment information accessible for everyone. business models, strategies, visions, Quarterly reports, KPIs, USPs, and even product demos –  seat11a has it all in one place.

No more hour-long “introduction calls” between investors and companies — or worse, meetings that nobody has prepared for. Firms can simply prepare a short video and send investors a link.



Whether you’re a generalist portfolio manager with more than 2,000 companies in your benchmark or an investor that needs to get up to speed. Learn the ins and outs of sales splits, margin drivers, midterm targets, and more in a matter of minutes.



Even better, our engaging videos and presentations make the process entertaining — we’re like a streaming service just for the finance world.

Video by video, we’re making life easier for investors and stock-listed corporates. All while encouraging funding for the world’s most innovative companies and cutting CO2 emissions.



Sure, firms could upload these videos on their own websites, but investors don’t have time to trawl through thousands of different resources. We give them a single go-to hub.



Coordination problem solved!

The Challenge

Working as a portfolio manager and salesperson, seat11a founder we saw the stress professionals went through as they struggled to get to grips with the ins and outs of companies at the eleventh hour for urgent reports. There had to be a better way to get the information out!



When Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) II was introduced in 2018, things got even worse. Banks stopped covering many European companies — 334 firms completely lost coverage. Those that were less important to the sell-side were hit particularly hard. 



Then, COVID-19 transformed the industry again. In the absence of in-person investor presentations, digital tools became more important than ever, but they were few and far between.




We saw a simple solution: 


compiling relevant investor information on one platform, including data for the smaller companies most affected by the recent regulations. But seat11a aims to go way further than simply providing a quick overview of company fundamentals — firms can also upload virtual tours and demos, making once-exclusive resources available to everyone.



“Those who want to invest in smaller companies have to work harder to understand the business. Touring factories or premises with a top executive can show investors how a company is really run.” — Wall Street Journal (2020)

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