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Colin Stone

Portfolio Manager
Fidelity International (1987 - 2020)
In my long career as an institutional investor, I attended
over 20,000 meetings with company management.
To get the most out of these meetings, it was essential to be properly prepared, in fact, it was the norm to spend several hours
preparing for a 60-minute meeting.

I wish seat11a had been created decades ago! It would have been a real time-saver and made the process of preparing for these meetings far more productive. In my new life as a private investor, I will certainly be using seat11a to educate myself about companies and really value the democratization of information that they promote.
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Ursula van Almsick

Portfolio Manager, Head of European Research
Capital Group (1987 - 2013)
As a private investor I no longer get the same access to company management that I used to get working for a large professional investment firm.

The goals and passions of a management team are best brought to life by a personal presentation. This human aspect enables you to calibrate management aspirations and a company’s outlook. As a diligent and astute investment professional Sanjay like no other understands the drivers that help build and review an investment thesis; seat11a videos combine all these elements and fill such an obvious gap in the market.

I look forward to watching the platform grow.

Tim Crockford

Senior Fund Manager, Head of Equity Impact Solutions
J O Hambro Capital Management
Sometimes it’s great to go back to basics!

As we spend our days meeting companies, it can be a rush to get up to speed on the ones we don’t know well, and meetings are of little use without understanding how their business work, and the basics about what drives their revenue and profitability. We are looking forward to more and more corporates joining seat11a.

It is great to have a central resource, where my team and I can quickly understand the basics of businesses that we are new to and helps us stay on top of the 2,200+ companies in our investment universe.

seat11a will certainly help us speed up our ability to understand how companies may evolve in the future.

Zach Egan

Investment Fund Manager, Founder
Anthropocene Capital Management, LLC
The seat11a platform provides a wonderfully efficient introduction to a company's business model and strategy.

Unburdened by jet lag or racing to the next meeting, investors are able to determine whether an idea warrants further work,
while going easy on the planet.

Harald Sporleder

Managing Director - Head of EU EQ Liquid Alternatives Allianz Global Investors
All market participants are in a changing world because Corona has changed the interactions between corporates and investors. Digitalization will give the corporates and us more flexibility.

In this context, the product offering of seat11a is a perfect match in order
to cover these needs. Their platform opens the door to a new era of communication and collaboration. Interactive corporate video access of can help to achieve this goal. A virtual roadshow will allow investors to save time and resources - essentially money and corporates can be in contact with more potential investors.

seat11a is an exciting tool and project and I'm pretty sure investors will adopt this technology and features.

Per Johansson

Portfolio Manager, Founder
Boden Capital (previously Bodenholm Capital)
After spending many years working at a global asset manager where companies filed relentlessly into the office, the seat11a platform is a breath of fresh air! Now that I am running an independent fund management firm, I also appreciate being able to reach out and nimbly "meet" new investment ideas from the comfort of my armchair.

With seat11a we can finally visualize the virtual roadshow, where the power of its video will allow us to save time and resources - essentially money. To put it concisely, offers an exciting tool for corporations and investors to collaborate efficiently. We are delighted to be working with them and strongly encourage companies to use seat11a's technology to help us all develop this magnificent project.

Dr. Hendrik Leber

Executive Partner, Portfolio Management
ACATIS Investment
seat11a was completely new to me.

But I instantly watched the Rational video with immense joy to experience a live demonstration of the hardware - something that I was previously missing in the presentations. Next was Nemetschek's turn.

seat11a is extremely useful to me as an investor because it efficiently generates deep insights into my portfolio investments. The visual impression is frequently missing in the presentations - for my analyzes, it takes the dynamic image or a company visit to bring the companies to life.

seat11a is an immensely useful platform for both investors and stock-listed companies.

James Rutherford

Head of Europen Equities
Federated Hermes Inc
In a world of information overload some true, some false, the skill of investment is assimilating information that matters most and weeding out the noise.

seat11a is a breath of fresh air. It’s a go to site , not forced on you by other people's diaries or agendas and provides an easy value added solution to corporate access as and when you want to use it. I love the way they are breaking down the barriers to corporate access to all those who have an interest in equity markets.

Democratisation is a trend we see in many markets and seat11a is enabling that in the world of corporate information and bringing value to both the company and investor. I would encourage more companies to join the network as it is a very efficient way of telling your investment story and growing your investable audience."

Ronald Slabke

Co-Founder, Chairman Management Board & CEO
Hypoport SE
Like Hypoport, seat11a offers a professional platform to connect people, business ideas, and innovations. 

To optimize processes and types of communication via digitalization is the mission for our operational business as well as an important factor for our Investor Relations. 

Therefore, we would like to thank Sanjay and the seat11a team to give us the opportunity to follow this mission via a virtual roadshow. 

It was a great experience and a straightforward approach.

Dr. Axel Kaufmann

Speaker of the Board, CFOO
Nemetschek SE
The Nemetschek Group stands for digitalization in the construction industry. Simultaneously, we also want to utilize digital opportunities to present ourselves to investors.

seat11a offers a perfect platform on which we can present our equity story clearly and transparently.

I am certain that this is an added value for both sides, the investors and us as a company.

Many thanks to Sanjay and the entire seat11a-team, who are redefining with this innovative idea the communication with investors.

Steffen Munz

Schaltbau Holding AG
We are in the process of re-positioning our equity story and communicating our new equity story to both institutional and experienced investors.

seat11a is a highly innovative platform supporting us to multiply our re-positioned equity story to a broad but targeted investor base
at relatively low cost.

seat11a creates value for both the investors and the corporates.

Jonas Mattsson

ZEAL Network SE
As a listed company, we are always on the lookout for new and creative ideas to communicate our equity story to investors as part of our investor relations work. Therefore, we couldn't pass up the chance to work with Sanjay and the video on demand platform

Thanks to the professional process, the excellent technology and the pleasant presentation conditions, the creation of our current ZEAL video was a great deal of fun.

We are delighted to be a part of this investor forum
- and thus of the future itself.

We believe this new way of interacting with investors will provide a lot of value both for them and us.

Holger Merz

EDAG Engineering Group AG
Innovation and change are the drivers of our business and thus, we are delighted to be part of this innovative platform.

The idea of to make a personalized company presentation available on demand to investors is brilliant and will create value for investors and companies.

Thanks to Sanjay and the entire, for having us on board of their journey, which is just starting.

Paul Echt

Media and Games Invest
In times like today without personal meetings or conferences, seat11a is a good way to engage with potential investors and current stakeholders.

The short and on point session let us deliver our equity story in a concise way while investors have the chance to pick up different topics about Media and Games Invest in short videos whenever they want.

As a digital media and games company, innovating ourselves is at the forefront of what we do, and this also counts for our Investor Relations work.

seat11a is a good addition to our work – both for ourselves and our investors.

Stefan Kempf

Founder & CEO
aifinyo AG
Allowing listed companies of all sizes to have a direct conversation with investors and maintain that conversation over time through an open line of communication represents real change.

With seat11a we can finally visualize the virtual roadshow, where the power of its video will allow us to save time and resources - essentially money.

We are happy to be working with them and strongly encourage companies to use seat11a's technology to help us all develop this magnificent project.

Johannes Laumann

Mutares SE & Co. KGaA
Especially in times like these where the quantity and flow of information is enormous, a platform like seat11a can help to filter, monitor, and narrow the information flow to the essential.

seat11a is an efficient way of both, receiving and creating, the most important information of selected companies.

For us as a company trying to attract investors, the chance of combining our equity story in a communicative way with a video message is great – and we are certain that this will be the new way of communicating.

Joerg Hoffmann, CFA

Head of Investor Relations
Wacker Chemie AG
Great tool to inform investors on quarterly results and good preparation for one on ones.
seat11a is the innovation to the IR process we have been looking for.

Happy to contribute!

Sebastian Frericks, CFA

Head of Investor Relations
Carl Zeiss Meditec AG
seat11a provides an excellent opportunity for corporates like us to showcase our equity story to new investors and reach beyond the bottleneck of broker-sponsored roadshows and conferences with their usually quite restrictive access.

What is special about the platform is also the high-caliber viewership with many sophisticated investment professionals following it.

The seat11a team is very flexible, supporting a wide range of possible formats, all with the goal of bringing equity story content to relevant viewers and provides very useful feedback.

I can highly recommend to CFO’s and IR professionals to make use of it – it really provides excellent value.

Frank Kopfinger, CFA

Head of Investor Relations
LEG Immobilien SE
seat11a allows us to make our equity story easily available and broaden our investor interaction.

From the feedback we received, we can say that investors used the video to efficiently gain a good first overview of the company. This allowed them to focus more on strategic questions in the follow-up calls/video meetings with IR or management.

For us, seat11a represents a smart upgrade of our IR toolbox.

Carsten Werle, CFA

Head of Investor Relations
Talanx AG
seat11a is an idea that is as simple as it is smart.

With comparatively little effort, it can help companies to attract investors, improve their knowledge about the company or simply keep them up to date.

As a firm, we are committed to the consistent digitalisation of our insurance activities.

seat11 is a very useful digitalisation initiative for the IR work.

Michael Schneiders

Head of Investor Relations
BRAIN Biotech AG
seat11a is pioneering a new form of easy and efficient investor access. Investors are increasingly requesting high-quality on-demand corporate information.

Sanjay and his team have experienced first hand in their previous jobs that interesting small-cap investments get overlooked as MiFID2 has significantly reduced the analyst coverage in the small-cap space.

Good luck to the seat11a team to bring small caps back on center stage.

Bernhard Wolf

Head of Investor Relations
This platform enables us to provide actual information in a professional manner and highlight special topics. And this works on demand – on demand of our customer, and is, therefore, a great service for them.

Either they refresh their knowledge or go for first information about our company. So many thanks to Sanjay and the seat11a team to make this service available.

With best wishes for many new ideas
– we are happy to be part of this journey.

Romy Acosta

Head of Investor Relations
seat11a offers an innovative, digital platform that enables us to reach a broad investor base and inform them about recent developments at JOST in a clear and transparent manner, providing them with high-quality on-demand information.

We are happy to be part of the seat11a platform, which adds a new dimension to our investors' outreach.

Christian Ludwig, CFA

Head of Investor Relations
seat11a presents a unique and fresh opportunity to introduce ourselves to new investors as well as those not so familiar with our story. This allows us to easily address our requirement to expand our investor base despite a Covid-19 travel ban that has been in place for more than 12 months now.

Thus we happily took up the offer of seat11a to join the platform and add a new approach to our traditional investor outreach.

Roland Rapelius, CFA

Head of Investor Relations
Deutsche Beteiligungs AG
seat11a offers us a short time-to-market of new information in an attractive format.

The sessions are short and spot-on.
This helps us to communicate faster in an effective manner.

Also, seat11a is a very experienced senior team in terms of capital markets communication, not to underestimate.

Marco Parisi

Head of Investor Relations
As an IR, I want to deliver clear, meaningful and valuable messages to investors and market practitioners.

What a nice discovery Seat11a has been! In the space of very few minutes, I can condense everything investors need to know on our equity story, financial performance and latest updates.

This is a great way to get in touch with new financial markets professionals, and one-to-one meetings are becoming so much more proficient.

Many thanks to Sanjay and his team: brilliant idea!

Guido Pickert

Head of Investor Relations
Not only is seat 11a the most wanted exit-row seat on flights between Frankfurt and London, is an innovative platform to foster the efficient communication between investors and corporates.

It brings the desire of digitization to life! Working with videoformats rather than with usual presentation documents makes the difference.

We are happy to contribute to this new way of communication and collaboration, as we believe that it creates great value for both – investors and listed companies.
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