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Warimpex AG Elevator Pitch | Pioneering Flex Office Spaces with CEO


Warimpex AG Elevator Pitch: Key Takeaways

Real Estate Developments

Warimpex operates predominantly in Poland, Germany, Hungary, and Russia, developing real estate exclusively for its asset portfolio.


New office buildings in Krakow and Buda

A report-hotel with surrounding land for commercial development in Germany
Significant office infrastructure in Hungary and Russia
An upcoming office space in Krakow is set to be unveiled this October.


Specialized Focus Areas

Warimpex takes pride in its specialized focus on offices while leveraging experience in hotel and retail spaces. They have introduced a revolutionary “flex office” concept, which represents 15-20% of each office building, offering flexible renting solutions with contracts that feature shorter maturities, thus catering to the changing demands of the modern business landscape.


Co-living and Co-working Spaces

The company sees a significant trend towards flexible living and working solutions. Hence, they are venturing into developing co-living spaces, with projects underway in Darmstadt and Krakow. Their co-working units, rather than traditional ones, prioritize reflex offices, providing a favourable environment for corporate entities looking for customizable lease durations and well-designed spaces.


Centralized Office Locations

Warimpex believes in establishing office spaces in city centres rather than satellite locations, foreseeing that the need for more informal contact spaces will grow, given the rise in remote working trends. The firm envisages a shift in office layouts to foster informal networking and exchange of ideas, making the communal kitchen and lobby the new hubs for idea incubation.


Growth and Transparency

The strategic plan involves a year-on-year asset growth of 10,000 to 20,000 square meters of office space, ensuring a transparent operation leveraging their listing on the stock exchanges, which helps portray quarterly results to the investors and builds trust with financial partners.


Future Prospects

Though the company holds a substantial presence in Russia, it is momentarily on hold regarding future developments there, keeping a close eye on the evolving situation. Meanwhile, they are bullish on the opportunities in Poland, Germany, and, to some extent, Hungary.

Franz Jurkowitsch - Warimpex AG Elevator Pitch | Pioneering Flex Office Spaces with CEO -%sitename%

Franz Jurkowitsch
CEO | Warimpex AG

Daniel Folian - Warimpex AG Elevator Pitch | Pioneering Flex Office Spaces with CEO -%sitename%

Daniel Folian
CFO | Warimpex AG


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