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AIXTRON SE Elevator Pitch | Future in Semiconductor Technology with IR


AIXTRON SE Elevator Pitch: Key Takeaways

AIXTRON AG: Pioneering the Future of Semiconductor Technology

In an insightful and forward-looking presentation, Guido Pickert, a key figure in Investor Relations at AIXTRON AG, introduces viewers to the innovative world of AIXTRON, a trailblazer in semiconductor technology. The brief yet comprehensive video encapsulates AIXTRON’s journey, current standing, and vision for the future, marking an essential watch for investors and tech enthusiasts alike.


Establishing AIXTRON’s Market Leadership

Guido begins by establishing AIXTRON’s credentials as a global market leader in the deposition of complex materials within the semiconductor industry. The company’s inception in 1983 has led to a rich 40-year legacy, highlighting its deep-rooted expertise in process know-how and equipment technologies. Key techniques like MOCVD and high-temperature CVD are critical in semiconductor fabrication.


Innovations in Multi-Wafer Solutions

AIXTRON’s strength lies in its multi-wafer solutions, offering unparalleled productivity and reduced production costs. These solutions cater to various end markets, contributing to megatrends such as electrification, energy efficiency, and digitisation, illustrating AIXTRON’s role in evolving global technology landscapes.


Diversification and Growth in Semiconductor Industry

The presentation focuses on AIXTRON’s diversification and noncyclical customer base, highlighting strong, secular growth across multiple end markets. Pickert discusses the company’s involvement in White Band Gap Power Electronics, particularly with materials like Gallium Nitride and Silicon Carbide, replacing traditional silicon in power electronics.


Advancements in Energy Efficiency

Guido emphasises the benefits of new materials, including significant reductions in switching losses and heat dissipation, which are key in energy efficiency advancements. He elaborates on their applications, ranging from electric vehicle inverters to efficient power supplies in data centres, underscoring AIXTRON’s contributions to energy-efficient solutions.


Exploring AIXTRON’s Role in Optoelectronics

Guido sheds light on AIXTRON’s ventures in optoelectronics, including producing lasers for high-speed data communication, 3D sensing in smartphones, and vehicle optical scanners. He also highlights their involvement in the emerging micro-LED field, hinting at revolutionary new display technologies.


Concluding Remarks on AIXTRON’s Market Position

In conclusion, Guido reiterates AIXTRON’s position as a key player in these structural growth markets. He emphasises the company’s healthy margins, asset-light manufacturing model, no bank debt, and significant investment in R&D, assuring AIXTRON is poised for profitable and sustainable development.

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Guido Pickert
Investor Relations & Corporate Communications | AIXTRON SE


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