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Mexedia SpA Elevator Pitch | Future of Tech & Telco with Chairman


Mexedia SpA Elevator Pitch: Key Takeaways

Introduction to Mexedia and Elio Catania

Elio Catania, seasoned in the global tech world, takes the stage as the Chairman of Mexedia Company. He proudly presents Mexedia as a mere technology firm, a holistic growth entity, and an enticing investment avenue. Elio’s outstanding career spans 35 years in technology, encompassing roles in major Italian conglomerates and contributing as a government advisor on innovation and technology. Two primary factors drove his decision to lead Mexedia: the visionary prowess and technical leadership of the founder, Orlando, and Mexedia’s unparalleled business model.


Mexedia’s Unique Proposition in the Market

Mexedia stands apart in the extensive technology landscape. While deeply embedded in the telecommunications domain, it shuns the traditional baggage—the costly structures, legacies, and bureaucracies that often weigh down typical telecommunications companies. Instead, Mexedia carved a niche as a global wholesale trader and a financial clearinghouse within the telco sector.


Mexedia’s Focus on IT

Similarly, while active in IT, they bypass the typical complexities and cost structures inherent to many traditional IT firms. Their focus? A digital industry frontier with a specific business model tailored to leading-edge customer engagement and value-driven services for diverse companies.


Global Footprint and Growth Metrics

Mexedia has cast its net wide in a mere six years. It has ten global offices, with Rome being the central hub. Their operational model is lean, with a workforce of 39 dedicated individuals, further amplified by an extensive network of partners and collaborators worldwide. Financially, Mexedia’s growth story has been compelling. In recent years, they’ve showcased consistent financial prowess, with revenues in the ballpark of 140-150 million euros annually. Elio projects an ambitious near-term goal—to double this revenue stream, buoyed by acquiring two major US-based operators.


Strategic Expansion and Market Projection

Mexedia isn’t content resting on its laurels. It’s venturing into the lucrative messaging IT sector, recognizing the rising significance of value-added SMS services in today’s digital communication ecosystem.


Mexedia’s Ambitious Goals

Elio reveals Mexedia’s ambitions to sustain and exponentially enhance its traditional telco business by integrating multi-channel customer engagement solutions. With a robust strategy, Mexedia anticipates soaring to a turnover of 700 million euros by 2027, aiming for an EBITDA margin of 11%. The pivot will be from the traditional high-volume, low-margin telco sphere to the higher-margin messaging IT component.


2023 and Beyond

The first half of 2023 has already yielded promising results, mirroring the entire revenue of the previous year. Preliminary figures for the third quarter further solidify Mexedia’s upward trajectory. The company’s roadmap is crystalline—it possesses a well-defined strategy, a track record of consistent performance, and the expertise to actualize its envisioned future.


Concluding Note

Mexedia emerges as a beacon in the tech and telco universe, equipped with a definitive growth strategy in a market ripe with potential. Their prowess in leveraging traditional telco assets, establishing global partnerships, and adopting a prudent financial approach positions them as an attractive proposition for investors. Elio’s invitation is clear—he welcomes forward-thinking investors to join Mexedia’s journey, a trajectory poised for unprecedented success.

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Elio Catania
Chairman | Mexedia


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