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Berentzen Gruppe AG Elevator Pitch | Resilience and Innovation – Vision 2028 with CEO


Berentzen Gruppe AG Elevator Pitch: Key Takeaways

Introduction to Berentzen’s New Era

In a compelling video presentation, Berentzen Gruppe AG, a key figure in the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, reveals its visionary corporate strategy, “Building BERENTZEN 2028”. CEO Oliver Schwegmann and CFO Ralf Brühöfner lead the narrative, promising a revolutionary path for the company and its investors.


Navigating Through Challenges

CEO Oliver Schwegmann reflects on the recent global adversities – from the COVID-19 pandemic to the Ukraine conflict and economic challenges. These events have shifted the company’s approach from defensive crisis management to a proactive, strategic orientation, showcasing Berentzen’s resilience and adaptability.


Strategic Focus: The Three Pillars

At the heart of Berentzen’s strategy are its flagship brands: Berentzen, Puschkin, and Mio Mio. Schwegmann sets ambitious goals to double the revenue of these brands by 2028, thereby significantly boosting their market presence. This objective will be supported by increased marketing efforts, product portfolio optimization, and leveraging internal synergies, all underpinned by a strong commitment to innovation.


Advancing the Fresh Juice Systems Segment

The presentation emphasizes the strategic enhancement of Citrocasa, the group’s fresh juice systems division. After its recovery phase, Citrocasa is poised for vigorous growth and development, marking it as a pivotal segment in Berentzen’s future strategy.


Commitment to Private Label Spirits and Sustainability

Schwegmann reiterates Berentzen’s dedication to its diverse range of private-label spirits. The group aims to sustain and enhance cost and quality leadership through targeted investments and efficiency initiatives. Additionally, sustainability is a core element of their strategy, reflecting the group’s pledge to responsible and sustainable business practices.


Financial Forecast for 2028

For the first time, Berentzen Group shares its mid-term financial forecast for 2028, projecting substantial growth. With anticipated total revenues of €235 million, EBITDA of €28 million, and EBIT of €18 million, these figures underscore the group’s confidence in its strategic direction and growth potential.


Conclusion and Call to Action

In his concluding remarks, CEO Oliver Schwegmann expresses firm confidence in meeting the 2028 objectives. He encourages the audience to engage with the “Building BERENTZEN 2028” initiative on the investor relations website, offering direct access to detailed information and updates. This presentation is a valuable resource for current and prospective investors, providing a thorough understanding of Berentzen Gruppe AG’s strategic vision and financial goals for the upcoming years.

  • What has happened in the past 3 years? 
  • Our goals for 2028
  • Are there also targets in the field of EGS?
  • That’s how we will do it.
  • Cost and process efficiency
  • What are the key components of the “Building Berentzen strategy 2028” strategy?
  • Conclusion: Why invest in Berentzen shares.
  • How should the problem of high energy costs be solved?
  • New ventures and profitable satellites
  • Why Mio Mio?
  • What targets should the segment achieve by 2028?
  • Expansion and value enhancement of our 3 top brands
  • Which 3 brands will be the focus in future – and why?
  • How exactly should these 3 brands be strengthened and further developed?
  • Why invest in Berentzen shares?
oliver - Berentzen Gruppe AG Elevator Pitch | Resilience and Innovation - Vision 2028 with CEO -%sitename%

Oliver Schwegmann | CEO Berentzen Gruppe AG

ralf - Berentzen Gruppe AG Elevator Pitch | Resilience and Innovation - Vision 2028 with CEO -%sitename%

Ralf Brühöfner | CFO Berentzen Gruppe AG


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