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Hypoport SE Elevator Pitch | Dominating the Digital Shift with CEO


Hypoport SE Elevator Pitch: Key Takeaways

Hypoport SE: Two Decades of Sustained Digital Growth

In this Elevator Pitch, Ronald Slabke, CEO of Hypoport SE, takes viewers through a tour of the company’s rich 20-year legacy.
Emerging as a dynamic growth entity, Hypoport SE boasts consistent double-digit growth, underpinned predominantly by organic expansion with only sporadic small-scale acquisitions meant to diversify its portfolio.


Core Strength in Digitalizing Critical German Sectors

Their core strength lies in their commitment to digitalizing three pivotal sectors in Germany: credit, housing, and insurance.
Central to their operations is the mortgage sector. Their innovative digital platform, Europace, is a testament to their dominance, processing an impressive one in every four mortgages in Germany.


Aspiring for Dominance in the Mortgage Sector

But the ambition continues beyond there. Ronald envisions the platform growing to encompass an 80% market share, given its unique position of replacing outmoded solutions and a noticeable absence of competing platforms.


Navigating Through Market Challenges

Navigating through the fluctuating terrain of the German mortgage market, especially with the 2022 interest rate upheavals, Hypoport SE remains poised to seize the resultant market adjustments as opportunities rather than setbacks. This confident outlook stems from their deep-rooted understanding of the German economic landscape. The robust German economy, coupled with persistent net migration and high demand for housing, forecasts a bright trajectory for the housing and mortgage market.


Diversification Beyond Mortgages

But Hypoport SE isn’t just about mortgages.
Ronald emphasizes its diversification efforts, notably in the insurance sector, which recently turned profitable. Furthermore, they’ve ventured into the personal loan business and finance digitalization, broadening their horizons and reinforcing their presence across multiple market segments. This versatility, coupled with their unwavering dedication to innovation, is echoed in their track record. Even in the face of external market disruptions, like the 2009 financial crisis, Hypoport SE has showcased remarkable resilience, bouncing back with even greater vigour.


Invitation to Explore Hypoport SE Further

In closing, Ronald Slabke beckons potential investors and stakeholders to delve deeper into their platforms and review their achievements and plans available on their official website. His message is clear: Hypoport SE isn’t just a company; it’s a movement driving the digitalisation of key sectors in Germany, making it a beacon for those keen on investing in a promising future.


  • Invesment Highlights
  • Mission
  • Hypoport – a network of technology companies
  • Digitalisation of the mortgage industry
  • Outperforming the market for 20 years
  • Market holds huge opportunities for growth
  • Digitalisation of the insurance industry
  • Hypoport’s segments widen their market share
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Ronald Slabke
CEO | Hypoport SE

jan - Hypoport SE Elevator Pitch | Dominating the Digital Shift with CEO -%sitename%

Jan H. Pahl
Investor Relations Manager | Hypoport SE


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