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Hypoport SE Financial Results Q1 2022 | Highlights & 2022 Forecast with CEO


Hypoport SE Q1 2022: Key Takeaways

CEO Ronald Slabke Analyzes Q1 2022 Financial Performance

In the “Hypoport SE Financial Results Q1 2022: Highlights & 2022 Forecast” video presentation, CEO Ronald Slabke takes an in-depth look at the company’s financial performance and provides his perspective on the year ahead.

Revenue Analysis by Segment

Ronald initiates the discussion by disassembling the Q1 2022 revenue by segment. A primary focus is placed on Mortgage Financing, depicted as a promising growth market. The volume of transactions managed by Hypoport is also showcased, offering investors an insight into the firm’s efficiency and robustness.

Insight into Europace and REM Capital

Viewers are guided through the pivotal features of Europace and REM Capital, two robust platforms contributing significantly to Hypoport’s success. Ronald subsequently discusses the record quarter of Dr. Klein and group KPIs that encapsulate the company’s achievements, highlighting a 22-year track record of consistent performance.

Strategic Investments and Future Growth

Ronald Slabke probes into strategically targeted investments undertaken by Hypoport, enlightening investors about the company’s prospective growth paths.

Forecast for 2022

The presentation culminates with a detailed forecast for 2022, providing investors with a lucid outlook of what to anticipate in the forthcoming months.

  • Revenue by Segment Q1-22
  • Mortgage Financing a Growth Market
  • Volume of Transactions
  • Europace
  • REM Capital
  • KPI´s Credit Platform
  • Record Quarter Dr. Klein
  • Summary Group KPI´s
  • 22-year Track-Record
  • Targeted Investments
  • Forecast 2022

Ronald Slabke
CEO | Hypoport SE

Jan H. Pahl
Investor Relations Manager | Hypoport SE


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