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Palfinger AG Elevator Pitch | Expanding Horizons in Lifting Solutions with CFO


Palfinger AG Elevator Pitch: Key Takeaways

Introduction to Palfinger AG

In a concise yet comprehensive elevator pitch, Felix Strohbichler, the Chief Financial Officer of Palfinger AG, introduces viewers to Palfinger’s world-leading stature in cranes and lifting solutions. Palfinger AG asserts its market leadership with a remarkable revenue of €2.45 billion in 2023 and a workforce of approximately 12,700 employees globally. The company operates around 30 production sites worldwide, ensuring resilience against trade barriers and currency fluctuations—a significant advantage over competitors.

Global Reach and Service Excellence

Felix emphasizes the company’s extensive global presence, not just in production but also in service provision. With over 5,000 service centres worldwide, Palfinger AG ensures unparalleled customer support and a unique selling proposition. The revenue distribution per region in 2023 underscores the importance of the EMEA region while pinpointing North America as the next growth frontier, with plans to increase its revenue share to about one-third in the next three to five years.

Diverse Product Portfolio and Customer Segments

The presentation delves into Palfinger’s broad product portfolio, catering to an array of industries, from construction and forestry to marine and waste management. This diversification showcases Palfinger’s engineering prowess and buffers the company against downturns in specific sectors. Digital solutions bridging various product lines further illustrate Palfinger’s innovative edge.

Commitment to Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility

Sustainability is presented as a cornerstone of Palfinger AG’s operations and strategy. Felix Strohbichler elaborates on the multifaceted approach to sustainability, from reducing CO2 emissions to enhancing workforce diversity and governance transparency. This holistic approach underscores Palfinger’s commitment to a sustainable future, aligning with broader societal values.

Record-Breaking Performance and Future Outlook

2023 is heralded as a record year for Palfinger AG, with substantial increases in revenue, EBIT, and consolidated net results, culminating in a record dividend payout. Despite celebrating past achievements, the focus swiftly shifts to the future, reaffirming financial targets for 2027 predicated on organic growth and improved margins. This forward-looking perspective offers investors a clear vision of Palfinger’s strategic direction and growth trajectory.

Conclusion and Call to Action

Felix Strohbichler concludes the presentation by inviting investors and stakeholders to further engage with Palfinger AG, underscoring the company’s openness and transparency. The pitch highlights Palfinger’s financial success and strategic insight and showcases its dedication to sustainability and global leadership in lifting solutions.

This presentation is a must-watch for investors seeking to understand Palfinger AG’s market-leading position, strategic vision, and commitment to sustainable growth.

  • Number 1 in the World
  • Innovative and Powerful Product Portfolio
  • Resilience Through Industry Diversity
  • Sustainability as a Key Driver of Strategic and Operational Action
  • By Far the Best Annual Result with Record Dividend
  • Ambitious Financial Targets for 2027 Remain Unchanged
Felix Strohbichler - Palfinger AG Elevator Pitch | Expanding Horizons in Lifting Solutions with CFO -%sitename%

Felix Strohbichler
CFO | Palfinger AG

roither - Palfinger AG Elevator Pitch | Expanding Horizons in Lifting Solutions with CFO -%sitename%

Hannes Roither
VP Investor Relations & Company Spokesperson | Palfinger AG


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