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Palfinger AG Financial Results FY 2023 | Record Financial Performance with CFO


Palfinger AG FY 2023: Key Takeaways

PALFINGER’s Financial Highlights of 2023

In a challenging global context marked by geopolitical tensions, rising interest rates, and inflation, PALFINGER AG achieved significant financial milestones. The company reported a record-breaking revenue of EUR 2.45 billion for 2023, the highest in its history, with an operating income (EBIT) of EUR 210.2 million and a consolidated net profit of EUR 107.7 million. CEO Andreas Klauser credits this success to PALFINGER’s effective management of market volatility and strategic planning for future growth.

Operational Excellence and Supply Chain Optimization

Enhanced Production Output

Through strategic supply chain adjustments, PALFINGER significantly increased its production capacity in the first half of 2023, overcoming delivery obstacles and a dip in demand in certain markets. This showcases the company’s agility in production and supply chain management, essential for meeting changing market needs.

Growth Initiatives and Strategic Partnerships

Regional Expansions and Collaborations

Key regions such as North America, Asia (excluding China), and the Marine sector were primary growth drivers, witnessing approximately 17% revenue growth. The establishment of a new regional headquarters in Schaumburg, Illinois, signifies PALFINGER’s commitment to reinforcing its presence in North America. Additionally, partnerships with Steyr Automotive and efforts towards digitalization, like the development of remote-controlled offshore cranes, underscore PALFINGER’s dedication to innovation and expanding its market reach.

Strategic Outlook for 2024

Despite anticipating a challenging economic landscape, particularly in Europe, PALFINGER expects to sustain stable revenue and profit margins in the first half of 2024. The company’s emphasis on optimizing working capital, stringent investment controls, and focused cost management strategies are aimed at bolstering resilience amidst uncertainties.

Future Ambitions and Sustainability Goals

PALFINGER is steadfast in its pursuit of ambitious targets for 2027, aiming for a revenue threshold of EUR 3.0 billion, an EBIT margin of 10%, and a 12% return on capital employed. This vision underscores the company’s confidence in its business model, strategic growth plans, and its ability to withstand global economic shifts.


The exceptional financial performance of PALFINGER AG in 2023 is a clear indication of its strategic acumen, commitment to innovation, and adaptability to global challenges. Positioned for continued growth and success, PALFINGER is on a steadfast path towards achieving its future goals and sustaining its market leadership.

  • Best Fiscal Year in the 2023 Company’s History
  • Number 1 in the World
  • Innovative and Powerful Product Portfolio
  • Resilience Through Industry Diversity
  • Sustainability as a Key Driver of Strategic and Operational Action
  • NAM, APAC and Marine as Growth Markets
  • By Far the Best Annual Result with Record Dividend
  • Net Debt/EBITDA Ratio and ROCE Significantly Improved
  • Clearly Positive Free Cash Flow Despite High Investment and Inventory Levels
  • Stable Revenue and Good Profitability for First Half Year 2024 Expected
  • Ambitious Financial Targets for 2027 Remain Unchanged
Felix Strohbichler - Palfinger AG Financial Results FY 2023 | Record Financial Performance with CFO -%sitename%

Felix Strohbichler
CFO | Palfinger AG

roither - Palfinger AG Financial Results FY 2023 | Record Financial Performance with CFO -%sitename%

Hannes Roither
VP Investor Relations & Company Spokesperson | Palfinger AG


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