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Palfinger AG Financial Results Q1 2022 | Plans for the Future with CFO


Palfinger AG Q1 2022: Key Takeaways

Overview of Q1-2022 Performance

Welcome to Palfinger AG’s Q1 2022 financial results presentation, delivered with in-depth analysis and insights by CFO Felix Strohbichler. In this comprehensive video, viewers are taken on a detailed tour of the company’s financial health and strategies planned for the future.

The presentation begins with a bird’s eye view of the Q1-2022 performance, providing an overview of the company’s standing in the market, especially in the crane and lifting solutions sector. The key metrics are not just limited to revenues and profits but also delve into critical aspects such as net investments, emphasising the company’s commitment to consistent growth and innovation.


P&L KPI Analysis

The P&L KPI section takes a deep dive into Palfinger’s profit and loss parameters, shedding light on the effectiveness of their business strategies. This chapter enables investors to understand the company’s profitability and potential risks, from revenues and operational costs to net profit margins.


Insight into Net Investments

Net Investments reveal the company’s spending habits on new projects, highlighting Palfinger’s innovative spirit and commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry. This chapter discusses where Palfinger is investing and why, emphasising the company’s strategic approach towards growth.


Financing Structure

Viewers will grasp Palfinger’s financial stability and adaptability in the Financing Structure chapter. The discussion includes the various sources of the company’s funds, the allocation of these funds, and how they plan to optimize this structure for future growth.


Focus on Sustainability

The Focus on Sustainability chapter underscores Palfinger’s commitment to being environmentally responsible. It’s an introductory chapter for investors interested in socially responsible investing. The CFO discusses their sustainability initiatives, explaining how they are embedded into their business model and strategy.


Analysis of Balance Sheet KPIs

Balance Sheet KPIs are crucial to understand a company’s financial health. The analysis here includes assets, liabilities, equity, and how they’ve changed over time, offering a transparent look at the company’s financial strength.


Outlook 2022

The video ends with the Outlook 2022 chapter, where CFO Felix Strohbichler shares the company’s forward-looking plans and predictions. It includes growth strategies, market outlook, potential challenges, and opportunities, giving a comprehensive glimpse of Palfinger’s future.

  • Q1-22 at a Glance
  • P&L KPI´s
  • Net Investments
  • Financing Structure
  • Focus on Sustainability
  • Balance Sheet KPI´s
  • Outlook 2022
Felix Strohbichler - Palfinger AG Financial Results Q1 2022 | Plans for the Future with CFO -%sitename%

Felix Strohbichler
CFO | Palfinger AG

roither - Palfinger AG Financial Results Q1 2022 | Plans for the Future with CFO -%sitename%

Hannes Roither
VP Investor Relations & Company Spokesperson | Palfinger AG


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