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Hypoport SE Deep Dive 2022 | The Europace Platform with CEO



Discover an in-depth understanding of the financial powerhouse, Hypoport SE in the comprehensive ‘Deep Dive 2022’ presentation featuring CEO, Ronald Slabke. Offering a detailed look into the Europace platform, this video explains the pivotal role it plays in the business model of Hypoport SE. Slabke discusses the unique factors contributing to Europace’s success and the tremendous growth potential lying within this robust financial platform.

As we venture further into this engaging presentation, we uncover the company’s strategic roadmap for 2022/2023, outlining the key objectives, milestones, and initiatives that are set to propel Hypoport SE forward. Key to this is the introduction of Finn, the cutting-edge digital financing assistant that is expected to revolutionize customer experiences.

The video presentation also delves into the remarkable Automated Property Valuation system, a testament to Hypoport SE’s commitment to innovation and seamless service provision. Finally, the discussion about OneClick, the next level of mortgage distribution, promises to alter the way we perceive and interact with mortgage distribution.

Packed with insights and future-forward ideas, this video serves as a comprehensive guide for investors interested in Hypoport SE’s journey and prospects.


  • Introduction of Europace
  • The Business Model of Europace
  • Key Reasons for the Success of Europace
  • Europace´s Growth Potential
  • The Roadmap 2022/2023
  • Finn: The Digital Financing Assistant
  • The Automated Property Valuation
  • OneClick: The Next Level of Mortgage Distribution



Ronald Slabke
CEO | Hypoport SE

Jan H. Pahl
Investor Relations Manager | Hypoport SE



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