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Encavis AG Deep Dive 2023 | Unveiling the Company’s Growth Strategy 2027 with CFO



Encavis AG is at the forefront of the renewable energy industry, with a new strategy centred around realising the energy transition. In the fiscal year 2022, the company achieved €487.3 million in operating revenues and reached its acquisition goals by adding 500 megawatts of newly acquired capacities, with 80% in solar PV and 20% in wind. In a market environment where average electricity prices are currently significantly lower than last year, Encavis AG only projects a 5% decrease in commercially generated revenues in its guidance for 2023. This clearly demonstrates the resilience of Encavis AG’s business model.


The company’s new strategy is focused on accelerating the expansion of renewable energies to increase assigned capacities from 2.5 to 8 gigawatts by 2027, which will boost connected capacities to 5.8 gigawatts. Encavis AG expects to increase revenues from €440 million in 2023 to €800 million in 2027, with its disciplined and selective investment criteria and risk-conscious approach.


For further growth, the company primarily focuses on five countries, including Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, and Denmark, where they continue to pursue projects with strategic development partners. These countries are category one countries actively aiming at a portion of 60% electricity from renewable energies by 2030. In addition, Encavis AG will invest in two other categories of European countries, e.g. by purchasing projects opportunistically from the market.


Encavis AG offers a range of sustainable energy solutions, including green PPA contributions, acquiring parks in the grid, developing on-premise PV parks, demand site management, and artificial intelligence integration to fill the gap of surplus electricity. The company also offers services to help investors fulfil regulatory reporting standards and criteria.


As the world shifts towards renewable energy solutions, Encavis AG is well-positioned to lead the way in accelerating the energy transition.



  • Acquisitions target of 500 MW in generation capacity for 2022 achieved
  • Assumptions for the Guidance 2023
  • Development of electricity price levels 2023 versus 2022
  • Revenue bridge FY 2022 to Guidance 2023e
  • Guidance 2023e
  • Segment Guidance 2023e
  • Climate Change is a fact. So we need to speed up!
  • Climate Change requires a significantly accelerated expansion of Renewable Energies.
  • Many companies want the Energy Transition, we have the Solutions!
  • This provides us with a gigantic Potential: We become the central problem solver for the various market participants
  • We continue to stand by our disciplined and selective investment criteria
  • In our investment projects, we additionally take into account the needs of our Clients
  • Radically changing markets present us with new challenges
  • We supply companies with more than just energy to realise the Energy Transition
  • We remain in Europe and manage our investment process according to the needs of our clients
  • Our strategy aims to triple our connected capacity by 2027
  • Accelerate growth – Right now!
  • Financing of the new Accelerated Growth Strategy 2027
  • Encavis Accelerated Growth Strategy 2027



Dr. Christoph Husmann
CFO | Encavis AG

Joerg Peters
Head of Investor Relations | Encavis AG



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