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Encavis AG Company Presentation | Tour into Strategy and Performance with CFO


Encavis AG Company Presentation: Key Takeaways

Dive into the Strategic Workings of Encavis AG

Explore the comprehensive 2023 company presentation by Encavis AG, proficiently guided by their CFO. Commence with an introduction that underscores Encavis AG’s praiseworthy efforts towards enhancing efficiency and minimising costs before pivoting to an insight into their distinctive business model, illuminating the investment risk structure therein.


Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and Strategic Development Partnerships (SDPs)

The forthcoming chapters illuminate the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of their Strategic Development Partnerships (SDPs). Gain insights into how these partnerships are pivotal, significantly bolstering their business model. The narrative unfolds to bring to light Encavis AG’s financial structure, spotlighting the funding mechanisms behind these SDPs.


The Impressive 12 Strategic Development Partnerships (SDPs)

Journey onward to uncover the 12 SDPs that are indispensably interwoven into their operations. Subsequently, explore the “golden end” of Encavis’ power plants as the discussion evolves to showcase their remarkable capabilities.


Growth Strategy: “Fast Forward 2025”

As the exploration continues, we delve into the growth strategy of Encavis, dubbed “Fast Forward 2025”. This segment encapsulates their forward-thinking plans for development and expansion, mapping out the upcoming two years.


Concluding Insights into Encavis’ Profit Growth

The video presentation draws a close, featuring a detailed discussion about Encavis’ earnings augmentation. Discover how the company has adeptly elevated profits while maintaining nearly constant margins.


  • Introduction
  • Improving efficiency and cost reduction
  • Business model: Risk structure of an investment
  • USP of Strategic Development Partnerships
  • Financing Structure of Encavis’ SDP
  • 12 Strategic Development Partnerships / SDPs
  • The „golden end“ of Encavis‘ power plants
  • Encavis Growth Strategy: >>Fast Forward 2025
  • Earnings increase with almost constant margins

Dr. Christoph Husmann
CFO | Encavis AG

Joerg Peters
Head of Investor Relations | Encavis AG


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