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SURF ERA Company Presentation | Urban Surfing Experiences with CEO

  • November 27, 2023
  • 34:17

Surf Era: Innovating Urban Surfing Experiences in Berlin

In an engaging and insightful video presentation, Eric Randow, CEO and co-founder of Surf Era, along with the host Sanji, introduces a groundbreaking project set to revolutionize urban surfing experiences. Aimed at creating a wave pool in Berlin, Surf Era promises an accessible and thrilling artificial surfing experience available 24/7, regardless of geographical constraints.

The Vision and Passion Behind Surf Era

Eric Randow’s Surfing Journey and Surf Era’s Inception

With a warm introduction from Sanji, the stage is set for a deep dive into Surf Era’s vision. Eric Randow, with his rich background in business administration and sports science, shares his lifelong passion for surfing, which began with windsurfing at age four and was fueled by his experiences in California. This contrast between surf-rich coasts and Berlin’s landlocked environment inspired the concept of Surf Era.

Core Aspects of Surf Era’s Business Model

Technology, Sustainability, and Year-Round Services

Eric Randow discusses the intricacies of the project, highlighting the four pivotal aspects: advanced artificial wave technology, emission-free operations, a convertible roof for all-season surfing, and a diverse business case. At its core, Surf Era is committed to sustainability, aligning with the values of the surfing community.

Market Potential and Financial Projections

Surfing Industry Growth and Surf Era’s Projections

The video presentation shifts to discuss the substantial market potential and financials. Eric Randow shares insights into the surfing industry’s growth and Surf Era’s projected annual footfall of 500,000 visitors. With a conservative approach, Surf Era’s financial forecasts are promising, expecting revenues over 20 million euros and an EBITDA of 4 million euros.

Strategic Location and Operational Planning

Why Berlin and Navigating Construction Laws

Eric and Sanji discuss the strategic decision to choose Berlin over other German cities, focusing on the city’s culture, tourism, and personal connections. The operational complexities, including navigating Germany’s construction laws and the projected opening in 2023 or 2024, are also covered.

Investment Opportunities in Surf Era

Funding Phases and Investor Appeal

The need for investment is candidly addressed. Eric Randow pitches to potential investors, highlighting the robust and sustainable business model that Surf Era offers. With initial funding secured, an additional 100 million euros is needed to realize the project.

Surfing’s Global Impact and Final Thoughts

Olympics Inclusion and Surf Era’s Market Acceleration

As the video concludes, the inclusion of surfing in the Tokyo Olympics is discussed as a market accelerator. Eric extends an invitation to stay updated and visit the park upon its opening, stirring excitement for what’s to come with Surf Era.


Engagement and Investment Appeal

The video successfully blends personal storytelling with data-driven analysis, clear milestones, and transparent communication about Surf Era’s scope and vision, engaging potential investors and surfing enthusiasts alike.

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Eirik Randow


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