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Energiekontor AG Financial Results H1 2023 | Strong Growth, Financials, & Future Projections with IR



In an insightful presentation, Till Giessmann, the Head of Investor Relations at Energiekontor AG, shares a comprehensive half-year update for 2023.


Energiekontor AG, a player in the energy sector, is an Independent Power Producer (IPP). Their primary areas of interest lie in onshore wind and utility-scale solar initiatives, and they have a robust operational presence in five key countries: Germany, the US, Portugal, France, and Great Britain.


One of the key takeaways from the presentation is the company’s distinctive organic growth model. This model sets Energiekontor AG apart from its competitors as it ensures self-sustainability. By leveraging their resources, the company gains a strategic advantage of not relying on external financing. This self-reliance proved especially beneficial during recent market upheavals, as Energiekontor AG remained insulated from the broader market fluctuations.


Regarding financial highlights, the first half of 2023 was particularly fruitful. Sales witnessed a commendable rise of 24%, with earnings before taxes (EBT) showcasing an impressive doubling from the figures recorded in the same period the previous year. Furthermore, project development and sales played a crucial role in this success, primarily driven by selling two parks in Germany and two in Scotland. Power generation also saw substantial increments, with Energiekontor’s parks capitalising on enhanced generation capacity.


Another notable element was the company’s well-balanced project pipeline in terms of geographic spread and technology diversification. Germany remains at the helm of their portfolio, but regions like the UK and France are swiftly catching up. With two-thirds of the portfolio focusing on wind and the remaining on solar, Energiekontor AG has a clear vision for the future.


The forecast for the latter half of 2023 remains bullish. Energiekontor AG anticipates commissioning eight wind parks and one solar park, aiming to bolster its portfolio further. Their goal for 2023, as outlined earlier in March, is to achieve a 10 to 20% increase in EBT from the previous year, starting from a base of 62.9 million. They’re on track, with the numbers from the first half serving as a testament to their commitment to this target.


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Till Giessmann
Head of Investor Relations | Energiekontor AG



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