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VARTA AG Deep Dive | Exploring Lithium-Ion Cell Technology with IR


VARTA AG Deep Dive: Key Takeaways

Discover Lithium-Ion Cells with VARTA AG

Leading the Presentation: Bernhard Wolf, IR

Through VARTA AG’s comprehensive presentation, guided by Bernhard Wolf, IR, explore the thorough insight into the exciting world of lithium-ion cells. The informative session covers various aspects of the battery production line, including a beginner-friendly introduction to lithium-ion batteries, their current technological status, and the ample opportunities Li-ion cells offer.


Insight into VARTA AG’s Business Segments

Microbatteries & Solutions and Household Batteries

Enhance your understanding of VARTA AG’s key business sectors, Microbatteries & Solutions and Household Batteries. Gain a valuable overview of how these two segments play a pivotal role in the company’s product and service offerings in the energy storage sector.


Exploration of Real-World Lithium-Ion Applications

VARTA AG’s Production Capabilities and Cell Characteristics

Dive deeper into real-world applications, cell characteristics, and the production capabilities of VARTA AG. Understand how lithium-ion cells are utilised in practical scenarios and learn about the unique characteristics that distinguish VARTA AG’s cells in the marketplace.


Global Impact through Subsidiaries

Empowering Over 75 Countries with Energy Solutions

Listen to authentic customer feedback and understand how VARTA AG, through its subsidiaries, is making a noteworthy impact in over 75 countries globally with its state-of-the-art energy storage solutions.

  • Intro
  • Battery Production Line
  • Li-Ion Batteries
  • Status Quo Li-Ion Batteries
  • Opportunities Li-Ion Cell
  • Use Case Li-Ion Cell
  • Cell Characteristics
  • Production
  • Customer Feedback

Bernhard Wolf
Head of Investor Relations | VARTA AG


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